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Thin Characters

  • Xiba from Soul Calibur loves food, with most of his lines revolving around it. Fitting, given his partial basis on Sun Wukong.
  • Robyn, from Advance Wars: Eternal War. Most of Pink Cosmos is this, since their food contains very little fat. drinking an industrial-sized bottle of ketchup in one sitting is normal for them.
  • In Fantasia - Momento of Grand Finale, Nero is a carnivore who eats a lot (mostly inedible). It is even played for laughs most of the time and he claims it to be his magical ability as a half-elf to have an iron stomach.
  • Pretty much any game that features the Power-Up Food and Hyperactive Metabolism tropes. Finding whole turkeys or cakes inside those oil drums you just kicked? They'll be gone in a second, and you'll always be ready for more.
  • Interestingly done in Metal Slug. Eat too much food and your soldier becomes fat (Uh Oh BIG), which slows them down, but increases the power of their weapons. This trope was the reason as to why Nadia joined the team in Metal Slug 4: so she could lose the weight and go into the modeling business. Also featured in the "Good" ending of Metal Slug 4 as well.
  • Hilda's combat abilities in Shadow Hearts 3 actually justify her eating habits -- she casts from calories. And if her calories get high enough, she ends up both "curvy" (read: ridiculously round) and barely recognizable.
  • In Dragon Age, a conversation with Alistair reveals that most Grey Wardens eat like it's going out of style. Of course, since you never see your character eat... (Informed Flaw works just as well, there.)
  • In another BioWare game, Mass Effect, the Codex reveals that people with biotic abilities (basically telekinesis) are big eaters since it takes so much energy to use their powers. In order to stay healthy, they need to eat almost three times as much as a normal person in their position, and they usually take special high energy drinks or bars right after every battle in which they use their power.
  • A third BioWare one - Zaalbar from Knights of the Old Republic. Mission snarks that he needs "eight squares a day." In his first in-game appearance, he is annoyed with having to back up Mission against a pair of Rodians because "Mission, they just brought my food!" And, when enslaved for maybe a day, became so hungry he bit a hunk out of one of his captor's arms. He is also the party member that approaches you when someone other than him is getting into the emergency rations. Justified in that Zaalbar appears to be the Wookiee equivalent of a BIG teenaged boy.
  • Mega Man Star Force
    • Sonia Strumm and Bud Bison, as noted by Geo Stelar, Luna Platz and Zack Temple.
    • Speaking of Luna, fail to grab her handkerchief in the third game (you have to choose between it, Sonia's fan-gift bag, and Bud's shirt) and watch her gorge on "comfort food". Sonia has the same reaction if you don't pick her hand-bag, and both will pig-out if you save Bud's shirt.
    • Also Netto/Lan from Mega Man Battle Network. On one occasion in the anime, he gorges on curry until he balloons up cartoonishly, though a couple scenes later he turns back to his usual skinny self.
    • Bud encounters a little girl named Fay Phamish in 2 who is able to keep up with him in an eating contest. Given that Bud had a four-armed robotic hat stuffing burgers into his mouth throughout that competition, this is more impressive than it sounds.
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji from the Touhou series.
    • Aside from constantly referencing food in the eighth game, if you take the translations literally, she actually eats a boss during the course of the game, merely complaining of a small bone afterward. Kindasorta justified in that she's a ghost. But only partially. It should be noted that the boss she "ate" made a full recovery in time for the ninth game.
    • As of Ten Desires, we now have Yoshika Miyako, whose ability is to "eat anything and everything".
  • Cecilia from Wild ARMs and Lilka from Wild ARMs 2 are both Big Eaters in the magic user category, although it's only used for a single gag in each game.
  • Reid from Tales of Eternia, who states outright several times that he is 'not interested in anything that doesn't fill his stomach', and who is constantly hungry and in search of things to eat. Furthermore, the sole reason he has become proficient in using a sword is so that he can hunt for food in the forests. In the crossover game Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, there occurs a memorable (and hilarious) scene involving Reid practically molesting Senel (from Tales of Legendia) over a basket of bread that Senel happens to be carrying.
  • Many of the customers in Tales of Vesperia's waitress Mini Game are Big Eaters -- they will often order dozens of dishes each.
  • Naked Snake of Metal Gear Solid 3 would probably qualify for this, as would EVA when you have to escort her. Polishing off two sets of rations (engineered to keep you going for at least a day) in a minute and walking away no less hungry than before? Yeah. Not to mention how the only thing he's interested in during ParaMedic's nature lessons, is whether he can eat the item in question. Add to that the Boss's comment at the beginning of the game about him having lost weight. Suggests his love of food is a little more that just necessary stamina recovery. In Portable Ops, he complains about Sigint's idea to make eating unnecessary for soldiers, because eating is the highlight of his day.
  • Kirby
    • Kirby, especially in the Anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, can devour large quantities of food without any consequences -- except in one episode with special snack food that makes him (and King Dedede) extremely fat.
    • King Dedede himself isn't too much of a slouch on eating either, though he often qualifies as a Villainous Glutton.
    • Parodied by Dueling Analogs here, where Galactus and Unicron (yes, those guys) come together for an intervention to get Kirby to admit he has an eating disorder.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • Fire Emblem
    • The Cavalier Lowen, Marcus' right hand in Fire Emblem 7. A Justified Trope because he's actually the cook of the party (mentioned in his supports), not to mention he was raised by his father and grandfather, both former cooks for the Pherae royalty.
    • The Action Girl Vanessa in Fire Emblem 8, too. Her older sister Syrene mentions it in one of their supports.

Syrene: You know I can tell when you're lying. Plus, you not eating is a dead giveaway. I mean, when's the last time you said no to a cookie? It's not a criticism. One of your most charming qualities is how you can outeat anyone. It's because of someone special, isn't it?

    • There's also the thunder mage Ilyana from Fire Emblem 9 and 10. To start, every support conversation she has involves her being hungry. She joins your party in the 10th game at first to avenge her stomach for being fed scraps that could never satisfy her. However, at her first introduction in the 9th game, the hero assumes she's just ill. Also, other characters accuse her of using her really cute looks to get free food.
      Taking this trope to the extreme, Ilyana even complains that she's dying with an empty stomach when she is killed in battle (in a game where non-plot critical characters such as herself die for real). One popular fan theory is that she has a tapeworm. Her character specific ending in Radiant Dawn states that "somewhere, she is hungry."
      Even more so, one of her recruit conversation has her so hungry that she starts chomping on Mia's boots, much to poor Mia's horror.
  • Queen Memory in Twinkle Star Sprites, who is perpetually hungry and (in her ending scene) asks the wish-granting Twinkle Star for an enormous amount of food (plus sherbert for desert). It's suggested her daughter Ran might be the same way.
  • Given their dialogue, this is implied to be true with the Squid Sisters in Splatoon. Marie often fantasizes about french fries, while Callie sometimes interrupts her commentary to beg the audience to bring her peanut butter. Plus they both have a serious Sweet Tooth.
  • The King of Fighters / Fatal Fury
    • Li Xiangfei. Two of her endings show her getting her teammates and friends in trouble for her appetite and several of her winning quotes involve her mentioning food. Her family has a restaurant in South Town, yeah, but oh booooy...
    • The psychic Sie Kensou is such a big eater that he actually uses eating niku-man dumplings as a special fighting technique that lets him recover health during battles... as long as he doesn't choke on them, that is.
  • Chip in Sonic Unleashed. He eats in many of the cutscenes, often when there's something more important to worry about, the game comes with three unlockable shorts that focus on him and food, one of the little features the game offers is the ability to feed him and Sonic food from all over the world, which means you can give him things twice his size and he'll stuff it down immediatly (after you become friends with him he'll sometimes follow this up by saying something along the lines of "Sonic, I'm hungry"). To top it off, his name comes from his love of chocolate.

Chip: Food still tastes good, even without memories. Haha! Am I shallow?

  • Persona series:
    • The main character of Persona 3. On one of the dates with Elizabeth, in which the two of them go to all of the strip mall's restaurants, she asks him afterwards if he was alright, as he had "eaten little after our seventh meal". In the Moon social link, the Gourmet King comments on how the main character can eat so much and still stay thin. The main character is also portrayed this way in the manga.
    • In Persona 4, Cute Bruiser Chie has a voracious appetite, which is taken Up to Eleven in the anime, where she asks for ten beefsteaks plus a beef bowl.
  • BlazBlue
    • Taokaka. She actually carries a Hammerspace plate around in case food becomes available, her response to anything she doesn't know about is Is It Something You Eat?, and offering/buying her food instantly gains you a place on her "good person" list; this is she met Ragna the Bloodedge. She also borders on Extreme Omnivore, attempting to actually eat Bang and Ragna.
    • Makoto is heavily implied, if not outright stated, to be this. Her introduction in BlazBlue is at Litchi's clinic, having injured herself by falling out of a tree she was climbing for exercise and fun (yeah, she's like that) after eating several platefuls at an all-you-can-eat buffet with her friends Noel and Tsubaki. She's often shown eating snacks and sweets, and one of her winquotes is:
  • Yawn* "Now, I'm hungry..."
    • That brings us to Platinum the Trinity, whose intro to the story involves her eating several dish stacks' worth of food like a total glutton - she even does this in Arcade mode, too! Truly, Ragna is cursed - Platinum was the second to dine-and-dash on him, the first being, of course, Taokaka.
  • Alex Mercer from Prototype is one hungry Humanitarian, devouring people and other Infected monsters with equal abandon. Instead of becoming visibly fatter, his shapeshifting powers allow him to compress his mass down to normal human size, which is handy given that he's implied to weigh at least a ton.
  • Dante Robinson from Backyard Sports.
  • Your average Monster Hunter character can gobble down a comically oversized hunk of meat in about five seconds, and a full meal in roughly the same time. Then there are the armor abilities Speed Eating (Consume meat/healing items faster) and Double Hunger (Lose stamina quickly).
  • Yoh from Starry Sky has a very low tolerance of hunger, and is often vocal about it.
  • Big Smoke from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Notably in the cut-scene for the mission "Drive Through".
  • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Maylene. She mentions being hungry after you defeat her in Diamond & Pearl, but just how much she can eat wasn't discovered until we saw her in HeartGold & SoulSilver, where she is scarfing down her ninth plate of food at the Celadon Diner eating contest.
    • Also in HG/SS, School Kid Billy says that Jasmine is a big eater when he tells you that she hangs out at the Olivine Cafe on Wednesdays.
  • Sabin from Final Fantasy VI. He isn't even afraid to stop and eat a several course meal of ghost food on the Phantom Train, knowing full well that he is being prematurely taken to the other side.
  • After Gulcasa's demon blood is unsealed in Blaze Union, he goes from having a normal appetite for a teenage boy to going after just about everything edible. In hindsight, the use of this trope is actually rather depressing, as Gulcasa desperately needs the energy due to the general instability of his body and his flagrant abuse of his Dangerous Forbidden Technique. When having Gulcasa use edible items in-game, though, it just comes off as silly and cute--especially given what kinds of food make him go "Oh god, why did I just eat that?" and the way he still won't touch dairy with a ten-foot pole.
  • Jin from Yo-Jin-Bo isn't shown to eat a lot on screen, but he's the only one to ever complain of being hungry, and when he does, the other guys groan as if that's all he ever talks about.
  • Prishe from Final Fantasy XI frequently uses food items to boost her stats during battle, and will ask her teammates for food items if she's one of your opponents in the "Heroine's Combat" event. In addition, she has a whole list of secret food-related quotes in the Dissidia Final Fantasy prequel. Apparently, being a Cute Bruiser burns up calories like whoa.
  • Shadows of the Damned: George Reed's backstory. Link may be NSFW.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens, your pony can eat the entire stock of apples, cupcakes, pizza, and lollipops, forcing you to grow new ones.
  • Luigi from Super Mario Bros. actually loves food even more than Mario, hard to believe as that may be.
  • At the beginning of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, the heroine blames the weird dream she has on the entire tub of cookie-dough ice-cream she ate before bed.

Fat Characters

  • The original two for video games, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.
  • There are a couple of examples among Pokémon.
    • In particular, Munchlax (it's actually known as the Big Eater Pokémon) and its evolution, one of the greatest examples of this trope EVER, Snorlax. Seriously. Big, always hungry, and capable of devouring whole forests of fruit in less than a day.
    • Another Pokémon family, Gulpin and Swalot, are basically living stomachs with expandable mouths that swallow their food whole.
  • Misaki Kawana from ONE. This is referenced in the doujin fighter game Eternal Fighter Zero with her "High-Speed Lunch" super.
  • Drang the ogre in Puzzle Quest has five missions where he asks you to procure rare, dangerous monsters for him to eat. One of them, a Wyvern, is requested so that it can kill a Troll he ate that's regenerating in his gut. The fourth one is an ogre, which disgusts your character. When you finish the last mission, Drang joins your party and takes bites out of any Animal-type enemy you face, causing them opening damage.
  • Kurumi Kasugaoka, from the sadly cancelled Nintendo DS dating sim Hachikoi. Her character page on the website even allows you to feed her!
  • Punch-Out!!
    • King Hippo. His intro in the Wii game shows him in a field full of ham and tropical fruit; over three cutaways, he eats everything there.
    • Bear Hugger of the same series drinks entire gallon jugs of maple syrup at pretty much every meal. He's also fat enough that you can't hurt him by hitting his stomach.
  • Jasper from Rune Factory.
  • The eponymous Fat Princess.
  • Hanako from Persona 4, also a Gonk that believes she's gorgeous. When she's on a diet, she eats an entire bucket of curry.
  • The Heavy from Team Fortress 2. He sure does love those sandwviches. He can even earn an achievement for eating 100 Sandviches, which he does with great gusto, one after another. Well, he certainly needs all those carbs to lug around his 150-kilogram minigun, and his belly roll makes for great recoil cushioning.
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • The Gray Goo from Tasty Planet, though you could probably tell from the title...
  • An unusual Cool Big Sis example is Deis in Breath of Fire IV. Admittedly, she had the perfectly valid excuse of being imprisoned in a suit of armour named Ershin (that grew to have a mind of its own) for centuries; the first thing she does when she ends up being hosted in the body of a summoner (after complaining about the summoner's figure) is pigging out until she passed out.
  • Given that the bosses in Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles are dark reflections of the hero's friends, the fat kid Joey's counterpart Big Joe takes this trope to its extreme: an immobile, enormously fat creature with two mouths who rules over an island mostly made out of food which exists for no other reason than to feed its ruler. The good Joey is imprisoned in Big Joe's stomach.
  • Coach is implied to be a big eater in Left 4 Dead 2, but it's never shown since the zombie outbreak kind of ruined his chances of resting so he can eat something big. He likes eating a pizza sub style, possibly having a sweet tooth since he says it's a damn shame the rainstorm in Hard Rain washed all the sugar away, and heavily likes the Burger Tank's BBQ bacon cheese burger with fries, orange soda with no ice, and an apple pie. When the survivors see a wedding in the park during The Parish, Coach may sometimes ask if the others have seen a wedding cake around.
  • This is a gameplay mechanic for the player in Crush Crumble and Chomp Failure to eat regularly makes the monster hungry; if the monster becomes ravenous, the player loses control and the computer takes over.
  • Alistair from Dragon Age Origins notes that Wardens tend to become this, especially in the period shortly after their Joining.
  • Implied with Youtia in Eien no Aselia, who forces Yuuto to make her lunch. He makes enough for at least four people figuring he can serve the rest to everyone else later, but she eats it all before being satisfied. Considering her personality, though, she might not have eaten in days.
  • Manpuku in Ōkamiden. He saves Chibi (who he nicknames Pork Chop) from being cooked in a huge pot of soup... by drinking the soup. It's also deconstructed, his compulsive eating means his mother can't afford to feed his dog, so he gave him to a relative. There's rarely any food in his house because he eats it all, and his mother skips meals often.
  • Barlow of Vanguard Bandits, the ATAC pilot with what he calls a "glandular disorder". He's always eating some candy, and when he gets hungry he starts going after the weirdest things. Ranging from earth-worms to platypi.
  • Sonic Unleashed gives us the first time Dr. Eggman has eaten anything on screen. He downs a 12" sub sandwich in two bites, and does it all in under 10 seconds.
  • Big Smoke in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas not only orders enough food for all four people in the car when the player takes CJ's friends to the drive through on a mission, but he actually manages to eat everyone's meals in the few minutes it takes to finish the car chase immediately after.
  • Rufus, the new, Acrofatic fighter from the USA in Street Fighter IV.

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