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  • Growing the Beard: While episodes 1 and 3 are fairly mediocre shorts, and episode 2 appears hastily assembled and poorly written (it seems obvious it was shot on vacation, and therefore likely more improvisational), episode 4, The Christmas Special, saw the series suddenly become much funnier and elaborate. Episode 5 upped the ante even further, being many times more elaborate and funny than the original three episodes, and even featured some (presumably intentionally) goofy computer effects. It is interesting to note that The Christmas Special and episode 5, both the prime examples of this trope that this series has to offer, featured a Special Thanks, for tips and advice, to Second City comedian and independent filmmaker Larry Hankin.
  • So Bad It's Good: Arguable. The film-makers seem to align themselves with this notion by dedicating, in affectionate terms, the latest episode to Harold P. Warren, the writer, director and star of the ?worst movie ever made,? ?Manos, The Hands of Fate.?