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He's going for the gummy candy. Really.

This is the radar for the children's television show and band, Big Time Rush. See below for the radar for their music.

Season 1

  • They managed to get away with saying turd and Satan in the pilot.
    • Considering that other shows have got away with it, Turd isn't actually getting past the radar, it's apparently an allowable word. Satan on the other hand.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it gag: During the boy's bad boy stint, while they're at Mrs. Knight's apartment, Carlos can be seen mooning. You can't see anything, but he's clearly hunched over, his back facing the window. In addition, there's a faint sigh/squeal noise from a few girls.
  • Big Time Party: "We need to get this up to shape before Fujizaki dies of boredom." And then, guess who you see on the ground wheezing and rolling.
  • "Big Time Fever:" Anyone over the age of fifteen knows what "hopping on the Logan train to Mellowville" really means, and that Guitar Dude probably slipped Logan some pretty good weed.

Season 2

  • The episode "Big Time Sneakers" has many gay Double Entendres between Logan and James (which Mrs. Knight clearly notices).
  • Big Time Guru: After Kendall tells Gustavo to take a chill pill, he BURSTS INTO THE BOYS' ROOM AND PULLS OUT A KNIFE. Remind me how that's good for a kids show again?
    • And in the same episode, after the fake producers Kendall hired listen to Gustavo's mellow song:

Fake producer: Gustavo! That song's gonna make the top 10.
Gustavo (calmly): Why, thank you.
Fake producer: Top ten reasons to KILL MYSELF! (laughs)

  • Big Time Crush: Logan in drag.
    • Logan has already dressed as a girl four times so far.
  • Big Time Prom King: James in drag.
  • Big Time Rocker has Lucy's sample album. The first two songs read are fine, but the third one is "Cut it off and..." then there's a collective gasp. Doesn't help when Lucy mentioned that the reaction is actually commonplace for whomever reads it[1].

Movie -- Big Time Movie

  • At one point, Kendall hits a button that says "sexy fan" and a fan pops out and starts blowing on him.
  • James trying to touch the spy girl in the movie must count. He goes somewhere very low in the "We Can Work It Out" montage.
  • Not to mention in A Hard Day's Night, the line "When I'm home, with you holding me tight I feel alright" is sung.
  • The guy with a hammer for a hand trying to crush people with his hand must count also.
  • Then there's the guns - which shoot out arrows.

Album -- BTR

Track 1 -- Til I Forget About You

  • "Dance hard, laugh more, turn the music up now".

Track 3 -- City is Ours

  • "Feel the rush, now hit the lights, we gonna get it all started".

Track 4 -- Nothing Even Matters

  • "It's like one for the haters, and two for all of those..".
    • One is commonly associated with the use of the the middle finger.

Track 5 -- Worldwide

  • "Did I awake you outta your dream? I'm sorry but I couldn't sleep".
  • Near the end of the song, we get this line -

Carlos: Ho(e), wherever the wind blows me...


Track 6 -- Halfway There

  • The song is supposed to due with being famous and living the dream, but some may take it as being "halfway there" to acomplishing...something sexual.

Track 7 - Big Night

  • The song is supposed to refer to partying, but some may see it as having a quite sexual "big night".

Track 8 -- Oh Yeah

  • Just the title - Oh Yeah. It has nothing to do with the plotline of the song whatsoever, but it does talk about girls, so...why would they say that?...
    • If you don't get it, a guy would shout oh yeah when he is having sexual relations with a girl.

Track 9 -- Count on You

  • "Don't hurt me, desert me".
    • This could imply woman abuse or rape.
  • "I never been in love before, so you gotta go easy on me".

Album -- Elevate

  • Note: This song has been noted by the band to be more "mature" than the last album.

Track 1 -- Music Sounds Better With U

  • "I couldn't help myself, let this heart go through Hell.
  • "When the music plays, she's my dancer".

Track 2 - Show Me

  • The whole song itself. It talks about a guy wanting a girl to be sexual towards him.
    • Not to mention before the album came out, James was looking foward to fans hearing the song.
  • "Way that you control me - speed me up or slow me".
  1. For those of you not in the know, the song talks about circumcising.