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  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Craig Feldspar from Malcolm in the Middle as Mr. Bitters, the hotel manager.
    • In "Big Time School of Rocque" Tara Strong, Dee Bradley Baker and pro-wrestler Chris Masters star as teachers.
    • In "Big Time Love Song" Lorenzo Lamas plays the doctor.
    • In "Big Time Break", Erik Estrada is Carlos's dad, who'll most likely become a recurring charecter.
    • Daran Norris as the Maintenance Man.
    • Quinn as Camille.
    • Missy as Griffin's daughter Mercedes.
    • Let's just get this out there: Half the people who have been on Ned's Declassified are on this show.
      • Including Carlos, who played the Spelling Bee champ.
      • And now Vice Principle Crubbs as a Secret Agent.
    • Phil LaMarr as Gustavo's rival.
    • Crista Flanagan guest-starred as the frazzled producer in "Big Time Live".
    • Miranda Cosgrove guest stars as herself in the Christmas episode, along with Fabio and sings a duet with the boys.
    • Snoop Dogg also guest starred as himself in the Christmas episode.
    • James also appeared in an episode of iCarly as Freddie's AV Club mate who was pined after by Sam and Carly.
    • Carlos Alazraqui (the Taco Bell chihuahua, among many other things) as Marcos del Posey, who directs "Big Time Video".
    • Jade West is Heather Fox, Carlos's camp crush in "Big Time Secrets. It's a bit strange seeing Liz Gillies playing someone so nice.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Spain gets it good, being based in Madrid. Logan is Ed Elric, Carlos is Ash Ketchum, and James is Ferb.
  • Romance on the Set: It's rumored that the actors who play Kendall (Kendall Schmidt) and Jo (Katelyn Tarver) went on a date in Real Life but decided that they were Better as Friends.
    • It's so adorable! They have the same birthday, November 2. But Katelyn is a year older.
  • What Could Have Been/The Other Marty/The Pete Best: Kendall wasn't originally a character in the show, instead another character Curt, played by Curt Hansen (who would later go on to play a parody of Zac Efron on the show, Dak Zevon), was the lead singer and protagonist of the show. Hansen only appeared as "Curt" in the unaired pilot. Then he was later replaced by Kendall Schmidt, because he (Hansen) sounded too much like James, and the pilot was reshot.