BioShock Infinite/Awesome

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  • In the beta gameplay trailer, one of the last things to happen is a fight with one of the Handymen. He attacks you with a horse. I repeat: he attacks you with a horse.
    • To be more precise he THROWS it at you.
  • Booker taking out the Vox Populi's assault blimp in the 14 minute trailer.
    • To be more precise, Booker swings around the air rails, twice, with a horde of Vox Populi attacking him from all directions and that includes the blimp raining death on everything, he jumps onto a ledge of the blimp, runs inside, blows up a gas main, jumps back outside, latches onto a skyline, and coasts to a stop. The reaction from Elizabeth is very appropriate.

Elizabeth: Booker, that was amazing!
Booker: Good, because I don't think I could do that again.

  • After being thrown through a wall and nearly eviscerated by Songbird (which was stopped by Elizabeth begging him to take her back), Songbird takes Elizabeth away...and Booker immediately gets up, jumps on a Skyline and chases him, consequences be damned. End demo.
  • After the little incident at the bar, Booker get chased by Vox Populi members. He does all at first, zapping and blasting them like there's no tomorrow - only to be surrounded. Suddenly - "Hit it! Hit it now!" Elizabeth turns up, conjuring a storm cloud, which you zap, electrocuting the whole mob.