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The video game developing company BioWare is notable for the Trope Overdosed games—which produce quite a few memes:

  1. An annoying message with an even more annoying voiceclip that plays, often multiple times, whenever you attempt to have one party member leave an area and the rest of the party isn't close enough.
  2. Minsc's original hamtastic battle cry.
  3. Abusing the dialogue system for fun and profit.
  4. Shepard punches a reporter s/he doesn't like. It is considered to be endlessly satisfying and entertaining to watch.
  5. Shepard punches the same reporter in the second game, with the moment being no less popular.
  6. Shepard attempts punching the same reporter in the third game... and the reporter dodged! So he follows up with a knockout headbutt.
  7. Renegade Shepard mocking a Hanar became popular for his/her strange emphasis and hand gestures.
  8. Shepard endorsing a store became a massive, highly exploitable snowclone. By this point, Shepard has a favourite something on everything, often several.
  9. An officer explaining a ship's weapons to some grunts became popular for this bizarre-yet-awesome sentence.
  10. The player has never seen a quarian without a helmet on--the first time Tali takes hers off, the camera cuts away, and fans decided to supplement for themselves.The amount of foresight displayed by whoever wrote the "photoshopped face" is uncanny
  11. Tali has some impressive Hartman Hips, and it is mandatory to mention them whenever she is talked about.
  12. He turns around to walk on the Normandy, and Shepard, and the camera, stare straight at his ass the whole time with a huge smirk on her face.
  13. Harbinger says this before possessing a Collector, turning it into a Boss in Mook Clothing. It and Harbinger's other lines are popular Interrupting Memes.
  14. The Council are desperate to conceal all evidence of the Reapers, this line from the Turian Councilor is used to summarise their mentality.
  15. The unexpected exploitive properties of the subsequent quote have gotten to the point where the Turian Councilor can dismiss just about any claim anyone's ever made.
  16. If you land a headshot while Garrus is with you, he will occasionally comment "Impressive!" in an overly enthusiastic fashion. Fans took this and ran with it.
  17. If you try to romance Thane, and have the infamous "Sex Talk," with Mordin, he will reveal that Drell (like Thane) secrete chemicals from their skins that, if ingested, cause hallucinations in humans.
  18. Garrus says this whenever the player wants to talk to him when he has no conversations at that point. It becomes common practice to check up on characters after completing an important mission to see whether they have anything new to say but Garrus' events do not trigger for a relatively long time, so the player hears this phrase a lot.
  19. Tali and Garrus hook up in the third game if neither was romanced by Shepard. Talibrations is the Fan Nickname for the couple
  20. Citadel security is laughably incompetent.
  21. Shepard seems to have a tendency to start conversations and then abruptly excuse him/herself. People are beginning to suspect it's being done on purpose... Part of the problem is that the skip dialog button is the same as the select dialog button, and the dialog wheel doesn't always wait for the person to stop talking before showing up, often resulting in unanticipated dialog choices.
  22. Niftu Cal, simultaneous Memetic Badass and Crowning Moment of Funny, is one gigantic meme. Actually, more like waist-high.
  23. The Shadow Broker has commentary on whatever squadmate you bring to help fight him
  24. Said repeatedly by members of various other species to humans. Popular for its blatant hypocrisy.
  25. Fans created several Spectres they wanted to appear in Mass Effect 2, Blasto being one of them. Then the actual game contained previews for an in-universe film staring Blasto that is one huge Dirty Harry/Blaxploitation parody. The third game went even further, with a good ten minutes of audio from a Blasto movie available for players to listen to.
  26. An STD normally found only in varren, also known as "fishdogs," somehow made its way onto the Normandy. General consensus in the community is that Kelly Chambers is the infection vector.
  27. Overly-hammed-up Precision F-Strike. Despite being something of a Forced Meme, it's caught on with the community and made Aria a fan favorite.
  28. A mockery of some of the Fan Dumb's criticism of Ashley's ME3 outfit, which consists of a Spectre uniform similar to the one Tela Vasir wore in LotSB, rather than the Phoenix armor she's worn in the last two games. It turned out that she also had a heavy armor option (though of a different style than in the previous games).
  29. A reference to Joker's reply to EDI when a spoilery event happens.
  30. Human mooks in Mass Effect 1 had a very limited sound set, and talked constantly. In Mass Effect 2, this was improved, and the mentally unstable squad member Jack was given one of their lines as a shout-out... by Mass Effect 3, people are teasing her about overusing it, too.
  31. Several locations in the series let you "dance," which means vaguely moving side to side while waving your arms pitifully. Later games give NPCs a variety of upgraded animations... but not Shepard, who might be good at every possible human pursuit except dancing. It's even lampshaded in-game by other characters.
  32. Poor Jacob Taylor from ME2, an Unlucky Everydude is by far the least cared-about character in the fandom; not quite The Scrappy, but only because nobody hates him any more than anybody likes him. Despite being around from the beginning of his game and being the only male human Love Interest in it, just try to find any fan art or fan fiction featuring this guy.
  33. James Vega, the new human squad member for Mass Effect 3, is a bit more buff than the other male PCs, resulting in a whole lot of references to the Mystery Science Theater 3000 take on Space Mutiny. See also: Punch Rockgroin, Slap Bulkhead, Butch Deadlift, Flint Ironstag, Bob Johnson...
  34. Youtube captions + videos with Reapers talking = memes.
  35. Kai Leng, one of the main antagonists in the third game, was first seen in a series of novels. One of these novels, Deception, was infamous for its poor writing and massive amounts of narm. The most famous of which is probably the scene where Kai Leng sneaks into Anderson's apartment, bugs it, and then stays for a few more minutes to steal Anderson's cereal and eat it right there.
  36. During Mass Effect 3, after a certain mission Tali will head to the bar and get completely smashed, insisting her straw be referred to with more technical terminology. And she seems to have so much fun with it.
  37. Anderson mentioned twice to Shepard that he was born in London. The second time was infamous for its awkwardness. His lack of a distinctive accent even though other characters in the setting has them also made the whole thing more jarring.
  38. With Mass Effect 3 lacking any sort of Final Boss fight, the fandom has seized on the last foe Shepard faces, a random marauder Mook which pops out of nowhere near the portal leading to the Citadel. The "shields" part comes from the fact that marauders have Energy Shields, which appears directly under their name; combine them and you get Marauder Shields.
  39. Most often used to refer to the Synthesis ending, as there is no explanation given for how it works. Occaisionally used for the other two endings for similar reasons.
  40. Line scribbled at the bottom of a design note seen on an official IOS app which shows that the inconclusiveness of ME3's ending was intentional.
  41. The reason given by Bioware for the Extended Cut DLC merely expanding on the existing ending, rather than creating a new one from scratch as some fans had hoped. Unamused fans wasted no time tearing that statement apart, with some even finding an old Seinfeld clip bashing the idea.
  42. Morrigan has a tendency to lose approval over just about anything.
  43. Alistair's response to Morrigan's accusation that he "fear[s] that barbarian hordes will swoop down upon [him]."
  44. Explanation:This and the subbullets are examples of Oghren's rather... interesting way of phrasing things.
  45. One of Zevran's victory quotes
  46. A common start-of-combat phrase used by an Experienced Male Human Noble Warden (even before becoming a Warden!), voiced by Robin Sachs.
  47. Another Alistair-ism, mostly associated with his Romance Sidequest
  48. Quickly becoming a meme on the Bioware forums, in reaction to Anders' behavior late in the game.
  49. A phrase used by one member of the dev team during the promotional period of Dragon Age II. Quickly caught on as a way to mock BioWare's advertising.
  50. The phrase HK-47 uses to describe humans. Hardly exclusive to him, but used as shorthand to demonstrate his Heroic Sociopath nature.
  51. Comes from a leaked 90-minute video of early beta footage. Around the 29:30 mark is a scene with a Jedi being injected with a sedative that renders him unconscious, despite the fact that Jedi are generally trained to resist poisons. There's also the fact that the Jedi is standing completely still and not offering any resistance as all this is happening. Additionally the graphics were of less-than-stellar quality. Comes from /v/.