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Authors and Websites

The BZPower Library Archive

  • Recommended by Digi Flame
  • The BZ Power Library is home to the Fan Fics of many brilliant (and not so brilliant) authors. However, anyone with an account can post one so quality is always suspect, but there are some real gems. The site also has a rather expansive RPG community if one considers that their cup of tea.
    • Became part of the Archive, so stories here aren't updated anymore, unless they got carried over to the new BZ Power Library.

The BZPower Library

  • Recommended by Crimson Flight
  • Due to the move to a new forum software, BZ Power ended up with a new Library, where one can find fanfics of varying quality. The Library is also split into three categories: Epics for long sagas or multi-chaptered serious fiction, Short Stories for short stories, and Comedies for the more humourous stories.

Custom Bionicle Wiki

  • Recommended by Prehistoric Echoes
  • It is a site that has quite the user base and many well written fanfics. Of course, Sturgeon's Law applies. Stories range from short poems and novellas to books, novels, and even multi-novel epics.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Bionicle Re-Birth Chronicles by Tohkann Toa of Arts (AU, Animated)

  • Recommended by Miff The Fox
  • Synopsis: Alternate Universe Fic, Web Animation - A retelling of the Bionicle storyline involving humans who can fuse with their Toa partners.
  • Comments: Better than it sounds... Atleast that's what the creator is saying.
    • It is. The voice editing could use a little work, but the story and animation are both very smooth. The theme song, however, is Made Of Awesome.

The Quest for the Energy Stones [dead link] by The Chronicler

  • Recommended by Enterprise
  • Synopsis:
  • Comments: Land Before Time/Bionicle crossover. Actually, it's very good.

The Newest MoL Spoof by SPIRIT

  • Recommended by Doom Tay
  • Synopsis: Takes Mask of Light combined with Animated Actors, and the filming process Gone Horribly Wrong.
  • Comments: The author didn't realize the movie had two directors before publishing this chapter. He still stuck with what he came out with.

The Tournament of Shadows: Absolute Chronicle [dead link] by Kumata Nuva

  • Recommended by Sayacha
  • Synopsis: Set before the Brotherhood of Makuta's betrayal, the fic tells the story of a member of the Order of Mata Nui, named Syneon. Syneon is tasked with checking out a strange event that occurs once a year, called the "Tournament of Shadows", which, as the name suggests, is a large tournament for the scum of the earth to pit themselves against each other in, all for a mysterious, fabulous prize at the end. Much better than it sounds, and actually is not the average, run-of-the-mill tournament story. Updated every Sunday.
  • Comments: Very well-written, and using a cast made up pretty much entirely of fancharacters, many of which are on loan from other people. Syneon is a very likable protagonist, and realistically struggles to fit in with the unsavory characters he's forced to put up with for the time being. It stretches into filler on a few occasions, but mainly for the purpose of mapping out the island and setting the stage for later events instead of just jumping straight into the action. It also manages to have a female character in a mostly male setting who for once is not just the Token Girl. Overall, a very enjoyable read and one that has obviously had quite a lot of thought and work put into it.

A New Ally by Goldenrod

  • Recommended by Alienhunter
  • Synopsis: Through a freak occurrence, a young human girl is transported to the Bionicle world. There, she makes new friends, has many adventures, and discovers amazing powers.
  • Comments: Very well-written, it is a great opening for the rest of the author's stories. Kit is a very likeable protagonist, and the fic has many great characters.
    • It's worth noting that unlike the vast majority of humans-trapped-in-the-Bionicle-world stories, Kit manages to avoid being a Mary Sue while still being capable and strong in an unfamiliar setting. The fic itself is also thoughtfully detailed, and the author neatly ties her OC in with the canon storyline in all of her stories.

Ignition by Legolover-361

  • Recommended by Crimson Flight
  • Synopsis: A dark one-shot that follows Nuparu and his musings as he creates the Vahki as a replacement for the Kralhi, which turned against its masters.
  • Comments: I came upon it by accident, and I loved it. It may have been a bit long, but it was rather refreshing to see a story about BIONICLE that concentrated less on heroism and justice and more on the darker aspects of the series. Nuparu may seem slightly out of character, but this is pre-amnesia Nuparu and we only see the lighter side of his inventing, never the darker part.

Xaterex Multiverse Storyline by Varkanax39

  • Recommended by Prehistoric Echoes
  • Synopsis: A series of books spanning about seven full-length novels, the story chronicles the adventures of a Toa named Shardak and a rebellion against a dark force known as the Ix Empire. Widely considered well written by CBW users.
  • Comments: I first read bits and pieces of the series' second or third book The Shadows Coil, and became an active follower of the storyline afterwards. Some of the earlier works take their inspiration from the Hunger Games, but later novels take on an entire new life. The final novel, Eternal Darkness was recently finished and is currently the longest page on its respective site.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Frustration by C-Unknown

  • Recommended by Sayacha
  • Synopsis: The Toa are victorious, and the building of a new life on Spherus Magna has begun. Tahu stands as a leader for his people, but as strife brews within their fragile society, Gali fears he may not be able to handle these challenges alone. Tahu/Gali.
  • Comments: A piece that looks at one possible side to relations between the inhabitants of Aqua and Bara Magna once the great migration has taken place and Teridax is dead. It starts out bleak, but true to character, Gali manages to lift things up in the end and create a nice Hope Spot that you honestly believe in. Tahu is a little out of character, but there is a very good reason for this in the story, so it's no issue at all. Most definitely worth reading.