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    • In issue #4 of the new series Oracle manually throws herself out of her chair to stop Savant from killing himself.
    • And in the same issue Black Canary gives us this against White Canary:

    Black Canary: Hey Eggwhite. Guess... guess what I just noticed? Both your hands are occupied. * Canary Cries her through a window*

    • The team is frequently battling and defeating super-villains and criminals of every stripe, but for a team with the training, experience and support of the Birds these events ae simply all in a days work, not Crowning Moments since they are done again and again every day. However, the last arc before One Year Later featured all three of the Birds, in their own way, getting one over on Batman. Oracle finally stands up to him, leaving his shadow as Batgirl, Huntress delivers to him more inside information on the Gotham Mafia than even he had ever assembled, earning both his respect and gratitude, and Black Canary then kisses him. The Dark Knight, who up until then had been something of a jerk, promptly turns tail and goes off to give the mob conniptions.
    • During Simone's final issue of the title, she wrote in a scene where after several weeks of being pushed around by Spy Smasher, Oracle not only kicks her ass, but then calls in some backup just to let Smasher know who she's dealing with. What follows is a four page spread of virtually every member and guest-star in the team's history (even those who had left for bigger things, such as Hawkgirl, Vixen and Black Canary herself) standing shoulder to shoulder against Spy Smasher[1]. As Spy Smasher struggles to find something to say, Black Canary puts her hands to Smasher's lips in a "shush" motion, and basically tells her to get the hell out of town before she and the others kick her ass.
      • What's really impressive about that image is that Power Girl really does not like Oracle after their initial failed partnership; she even showed animosity towards her while she was being operated on at the JSA Brownstone. Her being there cements how serious Oracle is.
      • Earlier in that same arc, after being pushed too far, Lady Blackhawk delivers a very satisfying punch directly to Spy Smasher's face, and marches off, alone, into the Russian wilderness, rather than spend another moment in her company.
    • Issue #6 of volume 2 could very well have been called "Huntress does assorted awesome things accompanied by some other guys" and nobody would have been able to tell the difference. From tossing a drink in Lady Shiva's face, telling her exactly what to do with her "honor" and challenging her to a death duel so Black Canary won't have to, to spitting her own blood in Shiva's eyes and actually living to tell the tale.
    • Oracle's little talk with The Joker in issue sixteen of the original series. Hard to believe that this is the same girl that was crippled and humiliated by the Ace of Knaves, isn't it? (That being said, any combination of Chuck Dixon and The Joker guarantees at least one Crowning Moment of Funny, and Mistah J does not disappoint.)
    • Black Canary's Shut UP, Hannibal speech to Mortis, who is in the process of mind raping her:

    Mortis: You can just feel the years of therapy peeling away, can't you? Abandoned, your friends have dumped you again, haven't they? Haven't they?
    Black Canary: Heh. *sniff* No. No, Lady, they haven't. You pulled the wrong trigger. Don't you know that?
    Mortis: How do you know? How can you be certain?
    Black Canary: Because they're my friends. Because they love me. Now get the Holy Hell out of my brain. I won't warn you again.

    • Lady Blackhawk rents a taxi to take her from Gotham to an unknown locale. Along the way, both she and the cabby fight a team of mercenaries seeking her death, and she refuses to explain her mission. At the end, visits her old military base's bar, and pins a fallen Bird's photo to the memoriam wall, and has a drink in her honor.
    • I am the Black Canary and I take **** from precisely no-one.
    1. The figures are, from left to right: Huntress, Gypsy, Vixen, Catwoman, Katana, Creote, Savant, Manhunter, Metamorpho, Nightwing, Militia, Honey, Judomaster, Thorn, Misfit, Power Girl, Wildcat, Speedy, Green Arrow, Big Barda, Lady Shiva, Lady Blackhawk and Hawkgirl)