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Fridge Brilliance

  • A lot of people were unimpressed with the final boss of Bit.Trip Flux: it's an empty room, the object being to bounce the ball 15 times without missing. It may seem relatively uninspired... that is, unless you've lived long enough to remember the Atari 2600 games, and you suddenly remember the original Breakout, and you remember what happened after you destroy two entire walls of bricks. The answer? Nothing. You're left with an empty room, and you can simply bounce the balls around forever until you lose them all because there is nothing left. The game is over.
  • Furthermore, Neuse said that in Bit.Trip Runner, they added the ability for CommanderVideo to kick down walls because they were so annoyed at the walls in Pitfall. Similarly, in Bit.Trip Flux, you can bust out of the empty Breakout room and into the beyond... because, after all, CommanderVideo cannot be stopped.
  • In Bit.Trip Runner, after Radbot assists you in "The Source", you run by a bunch of "Burger Mouth" billboards, then Meat Boy comes in to help. Think about it...

Fridge Horror

Fridge Logic

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