Bitter Virgin/Tear Jerker

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  • Aikawa talking with Yuzu about her "almost kiss" when she bumped into Daisuke on the stairs:

"It didn't feel terrible the way a kiss does."

  • Hinako's mother is often seen as callous/stupid for denying the fact that Hinako is being sexually abused by her stepdad, but most people don't realize how insanely hard it is to wrap your head around this kind of thing. It's easy to go Mama Bear on a rapist you don't know personally; it's a lot harder when the accused rapist is your own spouse, whom you live with and love, and who is a skilled enough manipulator to put a good face in front of you. Massive Adult Fear material.
  • Any time Hinako's son is brought up, really. Notably when she stares at a cute one-year-old's outfit in the baby clothing store, and when she asks in the confessional whether it's alright for her to celebrate her son's birthday, despite never having met hi - urgh, choking up here!
  • The death of Izumi's stillborn son.

Daisuke: My nephew came home as nothing more than tiny bones.