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Black Butler may be a serious and sometimes rather dark series, but there are still many scenes that are sure to crack you up.

  • Ciel and Sebastian come home to discover that the entire manor, servants included, has been cutesyfied by Lizzi.

Ciel:"My manor..."

  • Just a bit later, Lizzy puts a frilly pink flowery bonnet on Sebastian's head. The servants are amused. He isn't.
  • From the manga's circus arc, every instance of Ciel trying (and failing) to fit in with the circus troupe, from having to dress himself to having to peel potatoes for what is very likely the first time in his life.

Freckles:"Smile, what're you planning to make from them potatoes with peels thicker than the meat ?"

  • From the same chapter, Sebastian and William find out they'll have to share a room.
  • In vol. 2 of the manga, Sebastian goes through his usual routine. All the other house staff come to him when something has gone wrong, and his inner thoughts on them are pretty humourous.

Sebastian (on Bardroy): The remaining 20% of your "food" has been hazardous waste.
Sebastian (on Finny): I have seen many things in my long life, but this is the first time I've dealt with a creature from outer space.

  • We are... THE PHOENIX!!
  • In chapter 37 Nina Hopkins states that she only likes boys and girls that are 15 years or younger, prompting Sebastian to comment that he does not need to know what she does in her spare time.
  • Chapter 62. The poor owl.
  • In one chapter Sebastian sits up in his coffin after faking his death, which results in Bard, Finny, Maylene, Lizzie, Agni, and the Prince tackle-glomping him. All while still in the coffin.
  • "Can I kill him?"
  • This may be the first manga to ever reference Groucho Marx. Also, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • While he was supposed to be faking his death, Sebastian risks exposing the whole scheme in order to... frantically hide a dozen cats in his wardrobe.
  • Sebastian explaining that in his dimension, the only pets they have are xenomorphs.
  • Chapter 68: The constant use of the word fag. Though in this case it means "butler".
    • "It's fag time!"
  • Finny forgets about the insecticide dispenser being broken, so Sebastian has to give him money to buy seeds for the garden. Finny then proclaims he'll get something "as cool as a combo robot".
  • Chapter 52. "The complete flame in our chests shall not be extinguished by anyone. WE ARE THE PHOENIX!!!" Made even better by the fact that the folks delivering the line range from The Comically Serious to Large Hams.
  • William being revealed to be Blind Without'Em. When Ronald questions him panicking over a simple pair of glasses, William points and yells at...a brick wall.
    • Even funnier if you're as blind as him (this troper can't see anything without her contacts)
  • Chapter 66. Just....chapter 66!
    • It starts out with Sebastian wearing a pair of bunny ears. If that wasn't bad enough, we get a strange innuendo a few pages later involving Lizzy's "Easter egg" and Ciel "not getting it" even if it wasn't "his choice". AND THEN they actually go on this egg hunt, but with a twist. Whoever finds the egg Lizzy made will win. So then the queen's butlers decide they might play dirty; at which point Sebastian comes up with the rule that every team of two must carry a raw egg in a ladle without breaking the egg lest they get disqualified. After another few pages of the continuing egg inuendo, Agni tries to break Ciel's egg. Cue Ciel having a coughing fit. But when Soma goes to check on him, Ciel stops coughing and smacks the egg out of the ladle Soma's holding. With an evil smile. Must be seen to be believed. Later, when Sebastian and Team Phipps & Gray are fighting for Lizzy's egg, the latter's egg breaks. Followed by Sebastian noting, " There must've been a fertilized egg mixed in there"

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