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Black Butler, as evidenced below, has one hell of a lot of Ho Yay.

Tropes used in Black Butler (manga)/Ho Yay include:


  • Black Butler loves doing this with Ciel and Sebastian in the official art... and everywhere else.

Sebastian: I will follow you wherever you go, until the very end. Even If I were to be shattered in pieces, I would never leave your side. I would follow you to the depths of hell.

    • Sebastian's default habit of carrying Ciel bridal style, especially in the manga, and how he constantly rescues Ciel.
    • Let's not forget the (in)famous corset scene from chapter 8/episode 4...where it looked like Sebastian was having sex with a naked sweat covered Ciel from behind, complete with a blushing Ciel gasping out he "can't take anymore" and Sebastian telling Ciel to "bear with it." Of course, they're referring to Sebastian helping Ciel put on a corset.
      • Which was to enable Ciel to crossdress as a girl (wearing a frilly dress and sporting longer hair) so he could attend Aleister's party where he shared a dance with Sebastian who was wearing gentlemen's evening wear... Later on, Sebastian saves Ciel from being auctioned off by Aleister, even carrying him bridal style while he's wearing that frilly dress.
    • And then there's this, even though it seemed like there were other things to hide behind in that room... or they could have just ran out of the room, even.
    • Don't forget these pages from Chapter 34 of the manga (it's vomit).
      • Is it bizarre to think so of the scene in Chapter 41 where Ciel straddles Sebastian's supposedly dead body, buries his face in Sebastian's throat and insists his butler was never to leave his side?
    • If anything, the entire purpose of Nina Hopkin's appearance in chapter 37 was to provide us with some comic relief, fanservice, shotacon, lolicon (meaning some Les Yay between her and Mey-Rin which includes kissing her and openly groping her breasts and thighs with some heavy breathing sound effects and hearts), and even more Ho Yay between Sebastian and Ciel (e.g. here, even though he could have just done this from the beginning...).
  • Blatant even in the first opening theme of the anime, "Monochrome Kiss," which for some reason is a love song with some pretty provocative lyrics which are basically about someone falling in love with their saviour ("after I'd melted you tenderly saved me") and looking for some sign of affection from them even if it's hopeless ("netherless I search for a single form of love"). With our main duo Ciel and Sebastian as the focus of/only characters in the music video...It's actually kind of awkward to watch if you know what they're saying.
    • Not to mention that there's a rumour Sid wrote the song especially for the series.
  • In one instance, when Mey-rin thought that Sebastian was the one Ciel liked the most, she got noticeably jealous and coined Ciel as a possible "love rival".
  • In chapter 61 Sebastian goes berserk and attacks Undertaker when he threatens Ciel and Ciel and Sebastian have a moment where they reach for each other's hands but Undertaker attacks Sebastian before they can touch.
  • Chapter 62. Just ... Chapter 62. It contains a flashback about Sebastian's first day of serving Ciel, including giving him a bath for the first time - and getting quite touchy-feely with him. Just see for yourself. Also, there's Ciel's Caught the Heart on His Sleeve moment with Sebastian in the same chapter.
  • Chapter 63: Sebastian doing the Hands-On Approach when showing Ciel the proper way to shoot a gun. Also, his kissing Ciel's hand and both of them holding hands.
  • Chapter 64 gets its fair share, too. About half of the panels show Sebastian and Ciel having some kind of physical contact and in some, they hold onto each other very firmly. Sebastian's protective gestures seem almost tender, with one panel in which his fingers are entangled in Ciel's hair ... Oh, and there is another lovely shot of Ciel straddling Sebastian when he looks unconscious calling his name and looking overall concerned... until Sebastian says he's too loud and he's fine.
  • That scene in the anime where Sebastian saves Ciel from a statue thrown supposedly by Finny and cradles him in his arms holding him close almost looking like he's about to kiss him but fireworks (?) interrupt their moment.
  • Not to mention that the entirety of the above episode consisted of Ciel obsessing over finding out who Sebastian cared about the most (via magic camera). The episode concludes with the suggestion that Ciel cares most about Sebastian, much to Mei-Rin's displeasure.
  • In chapter 65 at one point, Sebastian again does the Bridal Carry to Ciel when saving him. Sebastian saves Ciel from the freezing water and gives him his coat to wear, trying to make sure he doesn't sleep or else he'll freeze. Also, Ciel says that he wants Sebastian to rest when they get back to the mansion, complimenting him and telling him that he did well. And in the last page Ciel and Sebastian look each other in the eyes.
  • Sebastian dances with Ciel in the anime in one scene.
  • When Madame Red gropes Sebastian's ass in chapter 6 Ciel is shown getting annoyed in response.


  • Don't forget Lau and Ciel. Madame Red even accuses Lau of trying to hit on her precious nephew way back in episode two of the anime and chapter six of the manga. Lau's answer leaves her less than reassured of his intentions.
    • And episode 6 has Ciel telling Lau that he has the option of returning to his own country. Lau shrugs off Ciel's statement and says "I still haven't run out of interest in this country." He then gets close to Ciel to whisper in his ear "Nor in you, Earl."
    • He also seems to enjoy carrying and teasing him.
    • And he also seems to be hitting on Ciel in some scenes.


  • In chapter 39, Ciel hosts a party with a lot of rich and powerful people present. One guest is a writer named Arthur Conan Doyle. Lau is also present at the party and when Ciel makes his presence known to his guests Arthur is shown to be shocked that a child is the Earl. Lau answers with "Yep, that tiny little child is Earl Phantomhive. Isn't he so cute?" And later, while the rest of the guests mingle and drink wine, Arthur goes and sits by himself, feeling left out. Sebastian comes up to him and offers him a drink. When Arthur looks up to thank him for the drink he is left speechless, blushes, and thinks "Wow....What beauty and ambiance he has. He could appear in a book by Oscar Wilde". And as Sebastian walks off, Arthur sees sparkles appear around him and stares after him in shock while blushing and thinking "I see, when you become top class, your servants are also top class..."
    • The following chapter (chapter 40) has Ciel being suspected of murder so everyone insists him and Arthur share the same bed that night. As an added bonus they're also handcuffed to each other, Arthur pats Ciel's head when he's feeling lonely, and worriedly watches a sleeping Ciel for a bit before falling asleep himself.
    • Also, take note of how Ciel is surprisingly nice to Arthur and smiles at him very often during chapter 39- considering this is Ciel and how he usually is with people, is really saying something. And at one point, Ciel and Sebastian are conversing in French and Arthur overhears them and laughs at one of Sebastian's quips, and when Ciel notices this, in response to Arthur's embarrassment he smirks and presses a finger to his lips- his expression seriously made him look like he was hitting on Arthur.


  • Soma and Agni count too. Their relationship really does come across as a Bodyguard Crush sometimes.
    • It's especially prominent whenever Agni starts crying about Soma, usually Tears of Blood.
    • Though this troper can't find the exact seiyuu event, there's a radio drama type thing with Sebastian conducting butler auditions — total crack setup, of course. Agni's audition ends with he and Soma going into a very John/Marcia name-calling exchange. "Soma-sama!" "Agni!" "Soma-sama!" "Agni!"
    • The lyrics to Agni and Soma's character song duet, Futari no Harmony, sound like a love song.


  • Soma really wants to be his "best friend" and nursed him after his asthmatic attack. He also tends to carry and touch Ciel a lot.
    • In volume seven Soma is said to have stayed up all night nursing a bed-ridden Ciel.
    • In chapter 66 Soma is shown to get really worried when he thinks Ciel is having another asthma attack.


  • The Undertaker seems to have some Ho Yay towards Ciel. It's especially notable in episode 6 when he is seen watching Ciel at Angelina's funeral from a distance and approaches him after the funeral is over. He calls Ciel kind for giving the last victim of the murders a grave, while caressing/poking Ciel's face with one of his long fingernails, and leans in close to Ciel when questioning if he regrets not making saving her life a priority. Ciel mentions something about "Queen Victoria's distress being lifted" and the Undertaker replies that he doesn't like Victoria since "she just watches from high above and leaves all the difficult matters to you." Ciel replies that its been a duty in his family that's been passed down through the generations along with the ring he wears. Undertaker tells Ciel that the ring is like a collar that connects Ciel to the Queen like a chain called duty while leaning in even closer to Ciel. Ciel shoves the Undertaker away a bit before he grabs Ciel by his tie and pulls him really close to his own body. He then tells him that he hopes the "collar" he wears for Queen Victoria doesn't take his head off one day and releases him. He then turns around and as he leaves, he tells Ciel and Sebastian they can stop by to see him at his shop since he'll welcome them any time.
    • The Undertaker/Ciel subtext becomes even more obvious in the Campania Arc: In chapter 61, Undertaker grabs Ciel to threaten Sebastian and gets pretty close to him. Chapter 64 has its moments as well: First, Undertaker attempts to kill Sebastian because he is making Ciel "miserable" and later is not very much concerned about the fact Ciel has gotten hold of his "treasure" when he leaves. Undertaker even gives Ciel a surprisingly warm, loving look.
    • In general the Undertaker seems to have No Sense of Personal Space when it comes to Ciel.
    • And in chapter 65 Sebastian states that Undertaker does not seem to want to cause Ciel any harm.


  • Some comedic Ho Yay could be argued for the scene in which the Viscount Druitt flirts with a cross-dressing Ciel.
  • In episode 1 of the second season the Viscount Druitt refers to Alois: "Oh, what a grievous mistake God has made! How could such unsullied beauty dwell in the flesh of a young boy?! But I will forgive you, God! Amen."


  • Ciel taking in Snake, despite lying to him that he was looking for his friends when said friends had attempted to ambush Ciel's mansion and were killed by Ciel's staff. However in later chapters, it's shown that Ciel does geniunely care for Snake, such as the brief encouragement he gives to Snake when other people were mocking his appearance. Also, he told Snake to get on the rescue boats in his place.


  • There's also Sebastian/Agni too, especially when Sebastian seems rather happy about Agni calling him his "friend", since no one's ever called him that before.
  • In the anime, Pluto (Pleute? Puru?) also gets a little bit of this with Sebastian, but that probably doesn't count since he's a dog. Who sometimes turns into a very fit, naked man, still with the mind of a dog.
  • In the Hamlet OVA, Lau actually gets a bit too intimate with a cross-dressing Undertaker.
  • In the second musical, Alan and Eric are really close for 'best friends.'
  • Doesn't Sebastian say he finds Ash more attractive than Angela?
  • There is some rather blatant Foe Yay between Sebastian and Ronald, like in chapter 64 where Sebastian gets really close to Ronald's face.
    • In chapter 10 Rachel, Angela's sister, comments on how pretty she is and gropes her breasts. Angela is said to love her sister "the most".
  • In particular Sebastian just naturally has a seductive air about him and tends to cause Ho Yay a lot.
  • In chapter 69 Edgar calls Ciel a "cutie pie" and "cute" and says that he wants to meet Ciel.
    • McMillan says Maurice Cole is "the most handsome boy in the school".
  • Finnian holds a great respect for Ciel and Sebastian and occasionally fanboys over Sebastian, including once joining Meyrin in releasing heart marks in regards to Sebastian.
    • Finnian is once depicted in a manga picture giving Ciel a piggy back ride.