Black Butler II/Tear Jerker

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  • Episode's 7 and 8 of the second season in which Alois, who before seemed like a complete jackass, is stabbed and ignored by Claude for a bit who's busy practically orgasming over the taste of Ciel's blood. Alois's tearful response "Oh, you look like you've seen a bunch of maggots squirming in a dung pile" to Claude's indifference towards him, we learn his backstory where his little brother died and left him alone, and he practically confesses his love for Claude, telling him he's the only one he has left in the world, before Claude tenderly holds his face and stabs him to death.
  • Episode 11 Alois(in Ciel's Body) asking Hannah to tell him that she loves him and give him a hug. Which he's ALWAYS NEEDED. She does both, which prompts him to cry tears of joy and say "Love is...warm, isn't it?" *sniff* Pass the tissues please.
  • The final episode of anime season 2 which is either a Bittersweet Ending or an outright Downer Ending.
  • How is Bird, the second series' ending theme, not on here?
  • Alois's character song: "The Slightly Chipped Full Moon".