Black Tapestries

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Black Tapestries is a long running (though no longer updated) webcomic about a world called Raekarta which is home to Humans, and a race of anthroanimals called Kaetif. The story stares Lorelei, an immortal werefox who likely already wants to kill you. The story mostly details the conflicts between Humans and Kaetif, the various attempts of the Order to capture Lorelei, and how series antagonist Issac is involved.

The comic is written and drawn by Jakkal. It was started in 2002, though was abandoned in 2007. It was going to be started up again in 2008, but after a couple filler pages the comic was again abandoned. In February 2010 Jakkal has announced that she will be rebooting the comic, but this has yet to happen. Recently though, it has been announced that the comic will be rebooted on July 11, 2011.

Tropes used in Black Tapestries include: