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Born 1976 in Oklahoma, Blake Shelton is one of the leading males in 21st century country music.

Shelton launched his career in 2001 with the single "Austin" on Giant Records. Although the label quickly closed, the song's fate was unharmed, as parent company Warner Bros. Records quickly picked up the song and pushed it to a five-week stay at number 1. Second album The Dreamer included another number 1 in "The Baby", but the other two singles did not fare as well. He quickly bounced back with the cheeky "Some Beach" in 2004, and saved the flagging Pure BS album with a re-release that included a cover of Michael Bublé's "Home". Startin' Fires also included the chart-topper "She Wouldn't Be Gone".

In 2010, Shelton chose to release two extended plays a year. These included Hillbilly Bone and All About Tonight, the title tracks of which were among his many number ones. Since these did not sell well, he returned to a full album in 2011 with Red River Blue.

Shelton has been married to fellow singer Miranda Lambert since 2010. He is currently a vocal coach on the musical competition The Voice.

  • Blake Shelton (2001)
  • The Dreamer (2003)
  • Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill (2004)
  • Pure BS (2007)
  • Startin' Fires (2008)
  • Hillbilly Bone (2010). His first "Six Pak" EP.
  • All About Tonight (2010). Second and final EP.
  • Red River Blue (2011)
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