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  1. description of meme and how it's used.
  2. Tier-Induced Scrappy goodness, this time referencing Arakune's favourite "tactic".
  3. Answer to the above.
  4. A derisive Fan Nickname for Jin's much-spammed air dash attack, the major Tier-Induced Scrappy strategy in Calamity Trigger. Seems to be dying out as a meme after Continuum Shift nerfed Icecar's usefulness.
  5. Nissan is a motor company; nii-san (which is what Jin frequently yells in the Japanese version while addressing Ragna) is Japanese for "brother." Summed up here.
  6. Alternate take to the above.
  7. Terumi is a consummate Complete Monster, devoting his existence to making everyone's lives living hells. This is the fan reaction.
  8. Hazama's outfit and movements are huge references to Michael Jackson, something fans haven't ignored.
  9. Alternate take on "You Just Got Troll'd!"
  10. See above, replace Hazama by Ragna.
  11. MikeZ's Large Ham narration in the Iron Tager strategy video that shipped with BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.
  12. Another Tager meme. Taken from Tager Calling His Attacks as a hilarious Sound Effect Bleep.
  13. The song that plays during Bang's Super Mode. Used as proof of his endless manliness.
  14. A fan made a song based on Bang's theme, then Bang's voice actor made his own version. Even more proof of Bang's manliness.
  15. A periodically barking dog that appears in one of the backgrounds of Continuum Shift ended up becoming an surprise Internet sensation shortly after the game's release on consoles. It's been nicknamed "Hype Dog" by fans, coming from a common competitive play phrase, "get hype" (meaning to get excited, i.e. for a tournament).
  16. As Hakumen and Arakune are both products of The Boundry, many fans depict them as friends. This ASCII art depicts them high-fiving, as shown here
  17. Ragna combines Calling Your Attacks with No Indoor Voice.
  18. A play on one of Ragna's specials, combined with Rock-Paper-Scissors.