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When your own creator is said to be a troll by the fandom...

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  • The meme. <ref>The explanation behind the meme.]]</ref> [1]

  • The Loituma Girl cartoon, which consists of a short looped animation from episode 2 of Bleach, showing Orihime twirling a scallion, while a snippet of the nonsensical middle section of "Ieva's Polka", as performed by Finnish group Loituma, plays. This was deliberately given Homage in Negima!?, the Alternate Continuity Mahou Sensei Negima series.
  • NOBODY DIES IN BLEACH: a reference to the fact that none of the main characters have died.
    • It's a bit of a misnomer, as the reality of the situation is worse. Lots of people die in Bleach, but they're all the guys the Soul Society fights against. None of the people who work with Soul Society with a name have died, even after receiving a crippling sword wound that drains them of enough blood to power a water slide.
    • Which is Hilarious in Hindsight, given that the shinigami were already dead. The only Shinigami to die, Kaien Shiba, was eaten by a hollow.
      • And Kaien died before the series started.
    • It seems that someone finally died, or Kubo just forgot about Kensei when it came time to show what everyone was up to once the 'war' was over.
    • And this meme was given the most fabulous inversion recently in America
      • Also, think of it this way: when someone dies in the living world, they are either konso-ed to Soul Society or become a Hollow. They then either go to Hueco Mundo or get purified and sent to Soul Society, or both. People who die in Soul Society are then reincarnated back into the living world. So no one dies permanently in Bleach. Unless they were sent to Hell.
        • Or were a hollow a Quincy shot.
        • The latest movie proves though, that not even hell can be considered a permanent resting place anymore.
        • well...someone of at least Nominal Importance actually died for real. Chojiro Sasakibe was Killed Off for Real and confirmed dead in chapter 485.
        • And unless a miracle happens, Kira Izuru will join him soon.
  • Off-Model: Bleach frequently has bouts of Off-Model in a variety of ways.
  • Kubo is a Troll: the notion that Kubo Tite loves to troll the fandom is gaining popularity, as is mentioning that he must be insanely rich.
    • In fact "author x is a troll" is quickly becoming the default manner to bitch about anything that happens in a work of fiction.
    • A popular manifestation is the all caps I LOVE MY LIFE stories about being in Kubo's shoes for a day that start with "SO THERE I WAS BEING KUBO" and end with "I LOVE MY LIFE"
    • An entire page dedicated to memes about Tite Kubo and THE HEART [1].
  • The Worf Effect is common and several of the characters are used commonly.
  • TACO AIZEN, so named because "Hueco Mundo" sounds like it ought to be a food chain (given the life cycle of a hollow, it kinda is). The LiveJournal community capslock_bleach has taken this meme and run with it.
  • BAN... KAI!: the One-Winged Angel form of the swords carried by shinigami have a variety of shapes and powers, resulting in a "what would be this characters bankai?" game, regardless of media source.
  • Uryuu Ishida has become a Memetic Badass: so badass that even when he's about to be not killed, he never stops emanating geek badassery. Also, HARDCORE SEWING.
  • "All your opinions are rejected" a scene in which Rukia demands to be left behind: From this point on, All your opinions are rejected!
  • "Kool Aid Kubo": A recent Big Damn Heroes moment wherein Ichigo breaks through to Fake Karakura Town to attack Aizen has spawned a new meme. It came with a caption "Now they stand a chance!" So people have been photoshopping the scene in such a way that everyone from Tite Kubo himself to the Kool Aid Guy is now trying to get at Aizen.
  • "Animu and Magma" Referring to manga as "magma" in reference to a troll on Facebook pretending to be Nick Simmons during the Plagiarism controversy.
    • Related to the same issue, Kubo vs Nick Simmons - various Instances of Kubo himself, or any of his characters getting back at Nick Simmons for the Incarnate incident.
  • "Since when were you under the impression [action]" Spawned from a line by Aizen, when did you come under the impression that these memes weren't created by Aizen?
    • Since when have you been under the illusion that (X is X) / (you are you) / (you aren't Hinamori)
    • If you have to know, ask Aizen.
  • "BLEACH HAS NO BACKGROUNDS." a reference to the simplified backgrounds used in Bleach compared to Naruto and One Piece.
  • Gin's description of his Bankai included numerous Innuendos:
    • "It's 13 kilometers"
    • * holds hands apart about 15 inches or so* "It's 500 times that"
      • Kinda funnier considering he was talking about how fast it can be...
  • "Aizen is Superman."
  • "Capton Condom" Aizen is Captan Condom after he entered a "new form" that is primarily white"
  • Lol, Hogyoku. The Hogyoku is revealed to have the power of Winds of Destiny Change, resulting in any plot hole or question being responded to with Lol Hogyoku.
  • "Rukia Rocket" Source.
    • Imma firin' ma Rukia!?
  • "Titty Kubo" Tite Kubo has a preference for big breasts as evidenced by his female characters frequently being examples.
  • The panel focusing on Aizen's finger as he tells Ichigo "Don't raise your voice like that, Kurosaki Ichigo."
  • "Aizen has been watching [these memes] ever since they were born." Aizen claims to have been engaging in a life long Xanatos Gambit keeping track of one of the protagonists "since they were born"
  • Komamura's reaction to Tousen-fly telling him he is far uglier than he had imagined. Tousen previously being blind and Komamura having severe self image issues.
    • Some versions have Komamura presenting a mirror to this "new and improved" Tosen.
  • "Mullets" Hollow powers makes you grow a mullet. As do Hogyoku powers.
  • Aizen's transformations to various forms have resulted in the following:
    • "All hail Butterflaizen".
    • KKK!Aizen.
    • "Aizen has become Lady Gaga".
    • That's LORD Gaga to you!
      • Or the Lady!Butterfly Gaga!!!
    • Gin's bankai should of been a flyswatter or a can of Raid.
  • Any attack being replaced with Momo on the receiving end. A use of Aizen's perfect illusion ability resulted in an entire series of attacks from the Captains being directed at Momo instead of Aizen.
  • AizenxTeacup is tru canon lub!!!11!!
  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Aizen was successfully attacked and overreacted.
  • DPE - the handy scale for "Dead Person Energy". The higher the DPE, the more powerful the character.
    • DPE/s - A measure of how many DPE it takes to move one second forward, an increase means slower plot. on a scale of 1 (rapid) to 100 (nothing happens at ALL).
    • higher DPE/s means more work needs to go into advancing the plot due to it being contrived, unrealistic, convoluted, etc. As the relation suggests, this tends to happen more around characters with the highest DPE (Aizen, Ichigo).
    • the cyclical nature of bleach's plot (substitute mexico/hueco mundo for crap!heaven/soul society): Each iteration of the cycle results in an increase of the DPE levels of the characters exceeded by an even greater increase of the DPE/s rate.
  • Ichigo's costume changes:
    • 80s Punk!Ichigo (Ichigo's appearance in chapter 417).
    • Ninja Ichigo.
  • Aizen is Satan.
  • Ulquiorra is The Batman.[2]
  • ABANDON YOUR ARROGANCE, HUMAN! Aizen begins suffering a Villainous Breakdown and begins shouting.
  • Soul Society is the Worst Heaven EVAR!!1!
  • "Kurosaki-kun!" Ichigo's last name as said by Orihime, repeated constantly in an rather... repeated fashion.
  • Hitsugaya: I'm going to violently kill you, Aizen!
  • Sosuke Aizen: The Couch Behind The Man [dead link]
  • It/He is over nine Tousen!
  • Chapter 426: "Want some ramen?"
  • Chapter 427: Ichigo likes chocolate.
  • Everything is part of Aizen's plan.
  • Chapter 433: Riruka glancing at Ichigo's face and going "OMG He's a hottie!"
  • Who can forget Morita giving the fandom his infamous "Rukiagh" scream of anguish.
  • Kira Izuru is a complete gangster. He may act all depressed when fighting, but after he forced an Arrancar to behead himself while grovelling on the ground, pleading for mercy...
  • Izuru Kira's Rape Face.
  • Orihime wants donuts badly.
    • She also likes hot dogs. This is to the point where people have photoshopped images and made gifs of Bleach characters eating huge hot dogs.
  • Tsukishima's Retcon sword: Remember when Tsukishima helped to found TV tropes?
  • Kenpachi Fried Chicken
  • Gin is a pedophile.
  • Take it off! Here.
  • GET OFF MY BED! [kick] [3]
  • "OK! That's not how it works!" [4]
  • "Who said the letters go from A to Z?" is pretty quickly turning into a meme.[5]

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  1. Like this.
  2. Because his Segunda Etapa form is a bat, and he's serious.
  3. New villain Ivan Azgiaro appears all of a sudden, standing on Ichigo's bed. Hilarity Ensues.
  4. Kigre Opie's Catch Phrase.
  5. In chapter 495, it is revealed that the Stern Ritter of the Vandenreich use a letter-based ranking system of some sort. Combine this reveal with the infamous Cero Espada reveal and you have this meme.