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Although Bleach isn't really meant for kids in the first place, some of the things listed aren't edited out of the English version of the manga and anime.

  • The English dub of the anime managed to sneak a good one. When Urahara picks up cat!Yoruichi and plays with her, in Japanese he just says Baby Talk-based nonsense. In the dub, he says "Who's my favorite pussy?".
    • The execution method in Soul Society, and the one Rukia was this close to be subjected to. You're restrained and suspended by your limbs, completely helpless... and then you get impaled by a special halberd named Sokyouku. Which bursts into flames before taking the shape of a phoenix. Subtle much, Kubo?
    • Kon was definitely going on A Date with Rosie Palms when Ichigo came back from Soul Society.
  • The whole X-Cution arc is an exercise on how much crap Kubo Tite is trying to sneak under the Shonen Jump censor radar at full speed:
    • Jackie Tristan's Fullbring is blatantly a dominatrix outfit, and her attacks get stronger when her boots get dirty. "Sand, dirt, mud, blood, [other bodily fluids] anything will work." Taken even further later: when she's powered up by Ginjo, her Power Armor covers almost her whole body except for her face... and her crotch.
    • Riruka Dokugamine, the other girl from the Fullbring, sneaks another one. She pretty much states that she's in love with Ichigo the first time she sees him. Her power? She can put things in her "dollhouse" if she grants them permission and she likes or loves it. And it can only be let out if she gets it wet...
  • It gets better. Tsukishima's power is rewriting your memories and inserting himself into them -- as someone whom you dearly love. How does he use it? Via running you through with his katana. In few words, he penetrates you with his sword and is so good at it that soon you're fawning all over him. Now, where the FUCK are the NTR doujinshi with this guy, damn it?
  • Ginjou's Fullbring is a huge broadsword. Which he uses to impale Ichigo through the stomach during the Training from Hell. While taunting Ichigo as well. Hm...
  • Szayel Aporro Gantz is an expert in this. How does he keep Mayuri's assistant and "daughter" Nemu in place? With Combat Tentacles. How does he revive himself? Via forcing what's left of him down her mouth, invading the girl's innards and bursting out of her stomach, as she pleads for him to stop. That particular scene was so chock-full of rape imagery that it's a freaking wonder it was even published in Shonen Jump.
  • In the Beach Episode, Isane is attacked by Combat Tentacles. Later, she says "There's something... in my swimsuit!" Eeeeeeep, poor kid.
  • When Nnoitra restrains Orihime to force her to watch Tesla beating the shit outta Ichigo, he sticks his fingers deep into her mouth to keep her quiet. What's not widely known in the West is that sticking one's fingers up and into somebody else's mouth is a common kink in Japanese porn. Any doubts about Nnoitra being a Memetic Molester were left behind at that point.
    • Not to mention that he calls her "pet-sama (lady-pet)" or "my pet" literally every time he speaks to or even mentions her.
  • The fourth movie has a five second long shot of Rukia naked and in chains, with the objectionable parts being covered with lava. She gets a white robe a second later, but it's still impossible to miss.