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Apparently, some weird bug left us with a ton of pages that somehow appear as "uncategorized", despite being fully categorized. Said pages also doesn't appear in their respective categories. The problem can be easily solved by editing the pages (even the null edit of erasing or adding extra space does wonders), but the problem is that there is an staggering number of pages.

So, since automatized solutions cannot be done in an foreseeable future, and since most of those pages do actually need some categories added, I'm trying to edit them to restore the natural order of the wiki. For now I'm limiting myself to Main pages, at least until the list is being cleaned out of those. I would like people to do their part too, but I know I'm asking too much.

Most of the pages I've found are disambiguations, and man, people are prone to create diambiguations pages for title of works there aren't here yet.


Jade Shauni

19 months ago
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I'll keep my eyes out and clean up, thanks for the warning, Lequinni.


19 months ago
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Thanks for doing this - it helps make the wiki that much more usable as a reference site.

I'm probably one of the people who "create diambiguations pages for title of works there aren't here yet"... but if nobody creates those redlinks, the pages never get written.

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