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Movie/work pages notes:

It's a Sony movie, that combines 2D animation, CGI, and Live Action loosely based on the Beatrice Potter books series.

Trope Examples found in Peter Rabbit (film/2018)

Animated Movie: When scenes involving 2D animated/water colored.

Gory Discretion Shot: We don't see the in dept details on Old McGregor killing Mr.Rabbit. But we do see Mrs. McGregor serving rabbit pie.

British Businesses


Live Action

Talking to Himself: Mr. Jeremy Fisher and Thomas McGregor both have Domhnall Gleeson.

    • Old Mr. McGregor and Tommy Brock share Sam Neill.
    • Rose Byrne does both Bea and Jemima Puddle-Duck.

Stuff Blowing Up

Mainly a character sheet, notes for whenever I get a chance to make a work page)


Parental Substitute: She's this to the rabbits, especially Peter, since their Mom died before the movie's events and the Dad was put in a pie.

Historical Hero Upgrade

Thomas "Tom" McGregor

Neat Freak: Everything has to be so sparkly, neat, and in it's place, even to the point of making the toilet bowl and it's water clean enough to drink its' water (through a straw).

OCD: This also combines with his extremely cleaniness.

Berserk Button: When he was pass over that promotion. And (Spoiler).

Like Father, Like Son (Notes: "Like Uncle, Like Nephew")

City Mouse: Thomas used to work for Harrods, but when he went to , he had trouble adjusting.

Character Developement

You Can Talk:

Flopsey, Cottontail, Mopsey

Color Coded for Convenience: The triplets wear different colored jackets, so it's easier to tell them apart.

Trope: They argue whose the oldest triplet.

Same Sex Triplets: Flopsey, Mopsey, and Cottonail basically.

Symbolic Blood: (spoiler: When one of the triplets tested out blood, it turns out that she was splattered by a tomato and she's not dying).

Benjamin Bunny

Character Flaw: Even mentioning this trope by name, stating THIS is the reason why he follows his cousin around, just to make sure Peter doesn't get killed.

    • Tells another character to "Get your own character flaw!"


Friend to All Living Things

Country Mouse

Trope: To her animal friends, she's a bad painter...They don't know how to make sense of her surreal paintings. But her water colors on the other hand they like.

Trope: She's based off of Beatrix Potter.

Old Mr. McGregor

Enemy to All Living Thigns:

Hollywood Heart Attack: Averted. It's the scary instantaneous death one.

Villainous Glutton: He's this and it cost him. Also, Old Mr. McGregor loves scarfing down junk and fatty food.

Green Thumb: He has this huge garden, which he takes good care of, despite him being the "Foe to All Living Things."

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

Trope: Unlike her friends, she's a bit slow when it comes to walking from point A to Point B.

Prickly Porcupine: She's a hedgehog though. Accidentally shot her quills at her friends when she chew on the electrical wires, which are smeared with some peanut butter.

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