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    avatar I helped Vorticity/Labster found this site because not everyone wanted to trope on Wikia, and because, honestly, there needs to be an alternative to TV Tropes, especially since allegiance to advertisement sponsors and an increasingly oppressive "Stop Having Fun!" Guys atmosphere seems to have replaced the laid back wiki many members of this site used to enjoy.

    I'm the tech guy around here, and I mostly just make sure everything is working properly and manage one of the current approved site bot accounts for maintenance edits and other needed projects.

    I'm not a fan of admin fiat decision making and prefer to solicit suggestions from the community before making any major decisions, so drop by the The Forums or my talk page if you have a question.

    I also do some game reviews for ChristCenteredGamer as of 5/22/2019.

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    To prevent administrators and bureaucrats from making changes that could prove to be worse than what they attempt to fix or break what need not be broken while tinkering with the features Miraheze graciously provides us to monkey with the internals (outside of what requires their explicit intervention), I propose the following policy, especially in light of incidents in which yours truly has erred: (what prompted this post)

    1. Typically, one has to have bureaucrat level rights to change installed extensions, manage namespaces, and other core settings. Given these changes are immediate, wiki-wide, and affects all users of all rights levels, aside from very minor changes (such as fixing an improper link to the favicon/logo or some very minor typo (and even then there must be a proper log entry) that would not cause wide scale disruption of function, service, or access, said bureaucrat must have the assent of the others before any testing or changes, and they are fully responsible for fixing any issues that result from said breakage if it occurs.

    2. It is not enough to warn others BEFORE securing permission for items as stated above. It must be obtained prior, no ex post facto justification can be accepted or tolerated. The only possible exception is in the absence of the other bureaucrats for fixes of such immediate import as will not admit delay, and even then a full report must be made immediately after for them to have access to upon their return.

    3. All violations of this policy (done maliciously or without securing proper permission) will be deemed a breach of high trust placed for very important rights, and can be punished as the other staff sees fit, and the community may also both register their displeasure for any issue this caused them for using the wiki and suggest penalty they would consider proper restitution. If this breach is severe enough to require permanent expulsion from Miraheze's services in their entirety, then it is absolutely unappealable so long as All The Tropes continues to be hosted on their services.

      • 3a. If use of these functions results in breakage after securing proper permissions to make such changes, then such will be deemed done in good faith and the staff in question will be given leave to rectify the mistake with no further penalty.

    4. If any of these conditions conflicts with Miraheze policy, their rules take precedent.

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