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avatar I helped Vorticity/Labster found this site because not everyone wanted to trope on Wikia, and because, honestly, there needs to be an alternative to TV Tropes, especially since allegiance to advertisement sponsors and an increasingly oppressive "Stop Having Fun!" Guys atmosphere seems to have replaced the laid back wiki many members of this site used to enjoy.

I'm the tech guy around here, and I mostly just make sure everything is working properly and manage one of the current approved site bot accounts for maintenance edits and other needed projects.

I'm not a fan of admin fiat decision making and prefer to solicit suggestions from the community before making any major decisions, so drop by the The Forums or my talk page if you have a question.

I also do some game reviews for ChristCenteredGamer as of 5/22/2019.

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Make this page better by editing it.

We have recently enabled the AdvancedSearch extension, and it is unlikely Miraheze will support the CirrusSearch backend due to high resource requirements.

Ergo, since we cannot set this in the ManageWiki settings, we should request the following be enabled:

$wgAdvancedSearchDeepcatEnabled = false; // disable deepcat: in favor of incategory:

Since Miraheze does not have SPLARQ service for the CirrusSearch backend, this will allow us to have a far more limited if functional degree of search capability using the built in structure search options, like find certain text strings and links by category (only searching related subcategories as well will be disabled, that requires CirrusSearch)

UPDATE: Miraheze is looking into this item, the others still need comment.

I also recommend the following changes, which can be enabled on our end by anyone with access to the ManageWiki settings.

1. Enable Comments In RecentChanges ($wgCommentsInRecentChanges)

I would recommend enabling this, comments on blog posts will show up in recent changes, they do not by default.

2. Treat Category Membership as a RecentChange ($wgRCWatchCategoryMembership)

Generally would recommend, this would allow us to see when certain pages are added and removed to certain categories more precisely. By default, we can see when HotCat changes this, but non HotCat category changes are not displayed, this would fix that.

3. Wikiapiary Footer Page Name ($wmgWikiapiaryFooterPageName)

We have a page here:

This is optional, but this is a useful "meta-wiki" for seeing useful wiki related analytics that would be good for technical purposes to have an easy link to.

4. Extensions of potential use:

Adds additional magic words to extend functionality. Whether this is useful depends on whether the added functions would be useful for our needs.

A longstanding bug is with this page:

Due to the backslash, it erroneously backlinks to another unrelated page, this extension may provide a workaround to fix this issue with backslash containing page titles.

An alternative non-extension solution would be to use this template:

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