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Hello, Guys, I've got some ideas that I'd like to do, these are a memory notes of said ideas so I don't forgot to do them myself or get TOO distracted.

Self tips use these:

To Clean Up/Polish:



Uplay - Needs a bit of everything.

Comic Books:

Want to Do:



Illegal Rare (Needs everything)

Bananya (Needs everything)

Doubt/Rabbit Doubt (Needs stuff to be added).

Judge (see Doubt)


Liberty's Kids (Needs a little of everything, don't forget it also needs episode recaps)

Growing Up Creepie (See Liberty's Kids)

Tutenstein (See Liberty's Kids)

Chibi Maruko-Chan (Needs a bit of everything/stuff needs to be added)

Time Warp Trio (Needs a bit of everything, including episode recaps)

Video Games:

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (A little of everything/stuff needs to be added.)


AC 3: Merely stuff, like character pages, and such.

AC 4: Black Flag

AC: Rogue

AC: Syndicate

AC: Unity

AC: Origins

AC: Odyssey

Beneath a Steel Sky (Needs some stuff, like character pages and such)

Cinderella Phenomenon

Child of Light

Drop Alive


Gwent TCG

Jotun (video game)

Limbo (See Beneath a Steel Sky)

Midnight Cinderella

Shall We Date?: Ninja Assassin

Ode (video game)

Spellweaver TCG


Syberia 2

Tales of the Abyss (Needs minor edits)

Tales of Monkey Island series (See TotA)

Tomb Raider (2013)

Treasure Adventure Game

Tyrian 2000

The Whispered World (Needs stuffs, like character pages).

Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity


People: A Musical Celebration of Diversity

Kyurem VS The Swords of Justice

Wonder Woman (2017)


Tim Burton's Alice Through the Looking Glass


RPC Authority

Steam Clones - Waiting for the glitches to be iron out and for Bethesda to get it together. I won't go near it, until this happens.

Epic Games Store

WeGame X - Tricky to do, since it's Chinese-ish and it's a noob in non-Chinese places, including the West. Article:

Pokémon Trainer Club



The Church of the Subgenius - For the Apocalypse Day Planner


CreepsMcPasta -

Brandon F. - Edit with Care: He knows more about 18th century, WW1, Napoleonic Wars, and etc. more than me.

williamdefalco -

Lucas the Spider and his father -

Useful Notes

African Mythology: Tip use this, besides wikipedia and the mythological wikias:

Bon Festival



Squishmallows (and Kelly Toys by extension).

Tweak Zone:

See the rest:

Major Projects:

Trope Pantheon Template (Self Note: Tread carefully, Template needs the rules in the forum discussion about this. It needs rules so, we don't end up like Tv Tropes).

Trope-Tan (Self note: Propose this our very own TT, show the DA gijinka.)

Marvel Cinematic Universe page (Needs everything, from movie work pages to updated info).

Assassin's Creed (See MCU self-note.)

Pokedex of Tropes (I'll mostly work on this, making good use of the Pun Stone).

The Troper Board On Multiversal Travel


Don Bluth/Nightmare Fuel page - for the Most Triumphant Example (Sugar Wiki)/V to X

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Anime and Manga

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Comic Books

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Literature

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Live Action TV

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Manga

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Manhwa

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/New Media

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Tabletop Games

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Theatre

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Web Comics

Funny Moments (Sugar Wiki)/Animation

Tropes (Warning Some of these will be rename Note: To self do reverse engineered clean room on these.):

Database Hates Me - For the Data Vampire page.

Kid Hero All Grown Up

Red is Heroic

Amazon Chaser

Chest Brooch

Flowy Ribbons

Pretty Choker Necklace

Strange Boy

A Trope meaning that whatever you buy an item, that's final. No refunds whatsoever.

A Trope meaning that the parent/grandparent outlives their child/children (i.e. when Theoden lost his son).

Clucking Funny

Flipping Helpless

Forgettable Character

Heaven Above

Magic Compass

Cover Innocent Eyes and Ears

Nice Day, Deadly Night

Scary Shadow Fakeout

Hero Beating Artifact - It's similar to the villain one, except that it's a macguffin that's used by villains to subdue/ kill the hero.

Wet Willy (Note: This trope was nuke! )

Trope: Definition the male version/genderbent of Widow Woman. It's not Crusading Widower. Examples: Hosato (Kubo and the Two Strings)

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