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As Blood+ itself has horrifying moments, it is no surprise that its spinoff has its share as well.

  • Episode 3 was creepy enough with the baker wandering around at night with that soulless expression on his face, but the scene that followed was even worse: just, the way he died, and the piece that was left of him getting thrown out of the train, that was horrifying. And then you think about how he snapped out of his trance before he died, and how it was probably just the Monster of the Week letting him have control just so he could be conscious and struggle while he died. But the creepiest scene yet was when Saya entered the train and sees the baker, who twists his head backwards and has the same soulless eyes again -- and then his face melts off.
  • Episode 4, the elder bairns eating each other and two of the fishermen, and when Saya saves the last one from being eaten... he's already dead.
  • Episode 5. A human-shaped Elder Bairn with its face covered—not too bad... A GIANT EYEBALL!? On a human body? What the hell? Yeah, the monsters in this series are Nightmare Fuel incarnate.
  • When the Centipede-Elder Bairn appeared behind Nene.
  • It's pretty telling as a scary series when there are so many Nightmare Fuels in five episodes.
  • Episode 6 takes the cake.
    • Definitely a Blood-based cake with a serving of gore.
  • Episode 8 and 9. The invasion of the monster in the school makes episode 6 look tame.
  • Episode 12. Sweet merciful CLAMP, episode 12. Even a hardcore gore fan is gonna have trouble with this one. It stars off simple, with Tokizane, and Nene getting offed with a simple Off with His Head moment, and Nene getting repeatedly smashed into the pavement. Then the Elder Bairn goes after Nono, grabbing her, dangling her in the air by her legs, forcing her into the splits, and slowly pulls her legs off, her screaming in pain the whole time. Then comes the attack on the town. Helpless citizens being slaughtered, and an unlucky group stuffed into a bag, and mulched. Enjoy your dreams after this episode.