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The Bloodfist series is a series of low-budget martial arts action movies tenuously linked by sharing a lead actor of Don "The Dragon" Wilson

  • Bloodfist I - Jake Raye, retired kickboxer, is forced to fight in the Red Fist Tournament.
  • Bloodfist II - Jake Raye returns, forced to fight in an underground tournament on the privately owned island of Paradise.
  • Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight - Jimmy Boland is a prion inmate who gets embroiled in a feud between white supremacist inmates and corrupt jailers.
  • Bloodfist IV: Die Trying - Danny Holt unwittingly repossesses the car of a crime lord and has his family and business wiped out in return and seeks revenge.
  • Bloodfist V: Human Target - Jim Stanton has amnesia and doesn't know who to trust or where to turn even as he finds that he's wanted by the Chinese triads for a plot involving "lost" plutonium missile cores.
  • Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero - Nick Corrigan is an Air Force courier who happens to arrive during a terrorist attempt to seize US missile silos.
  • Bloodfist VII: Manhunt - Jim Trudell is suspected of having killed a cop, and must clear his name with the police before they catch up with him.
  • Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill - Rick Cowan is a suburban high school teacher whose prior life as a CIA agent catches up with him must fight his former enemies to save his life and that of his son.
  • Bloodfist 2050 - The only film that does not star Wilson, Matt Mullins plays Alex Danko who descends into the murky world of underworld tournaments to find his brother's killer in a rehash of Bloodfist I.
The following tropes are common to many or all entries in the Bloodfist franchise.
For tropes specific to individual installments, visit their respective work pages.

Bloodfist VI

  • A-Team Firing - At several points, the terrorists fire at Corrigan at full-auto from a distance of about 15 feet and the worst they do in the entire movie is inflict a small scratch on his upper arm.
  • Bottomless Magazines - Corrigan manages ten shots from a six-shot revolver.
  • Computer Equals Monitor - Faced with the last few seconds of the countdown and an abort code that won't input the last character, Corrigan blasts the consoles around him with a machine gun, blowing out a row of monitors. Amazingly, this aborts the launch.
  • Concealment Equals Cover - Corrigan at one point blocks point-blank machine-gun fire with a thin steel trash can with no damage whatsoever to the trash can.
  • Die Hard In A Missile Silo - Corrigan was supposed to have shown up an hour and a half earlier, but stopped to help a bunny on the road.
  • Equal Opportunity Evil - The terrorist team, the "Army of Allah" has three black members, two orientals, and two white people at the least, including their leader, who speaks with a Slavic or German accent depending on which take it is.
  • Groin Attack - Used twice by Corrigan against one of the more massive mooks. The third time, there's a metallic clang. The mook laughs and pulls a metal sheet out of the front of his pants. Corrigan kicks him again while the sheet's out.
  • Hollywood Hacking - All that the hacker in the team seems to do is view random COBOL and periodically drag-and-drop files in the file system.
  • Hollywood Silencer - All of the silenced guns fire with the trademark thwip
  • It Works Better with Bullets - Corrigan apparently removes the bullets from the sub-machine gun before handing it to The Mole
  • Latex Perfection - The main terrorist wears an extremely lifelike latex mask when arriving initially at the base. To their credit, strips of latex and glue are left behind when he pulls it off, at least until continuity catches up with him.
  • The Mole - The terrorists have managed to insert one of their members as the girlfriend of Major Tillman and threaten her to make him reveal the key. It fails and she breaks cover and shoots him when he reveals that he's managed to sneak the key out to Corrigan. She later tries to come off as an innocent hostage with Corrigan, but fails quickly.
  • Night Vision Goggles - Used by the female of the terrorists to hunt Corrigan. Foiled through strategic use of a flashlight to blind her.
  • Password Slot Machine - Random digits of the launch code lock in. The Air Force representatives do note that the protocol is 13 years old and there are known exploits.
  • Only a Flesh Wound - Near the end of the movie, Corrigan takes a gunshot wound to the gut and is seemingly down and out, but then goes through a protracted fight scene, aborts the launch, and only then sits down, showing that all of the fighting didn't even cause the wound to bleed at all.
  • Shirtless Scene - Near the end of the movie, Corrigan takes off his shirt seemingly for no reason other than to show off Wilson's torso.
  • Shoot the Fuel Tank - How Corrigan's jeep gets blown up.