Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40/YMMV

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  • Critical Research Failure: He sometimes has a tendency to conflate Billboard and Mediabase data, leading to (among other things) an increasingly inaccurate count of George Strait's #1 singles (since the show started, George has had three songs that went to #1 on the latter but not the former).
    • He repeatedly credited Joe Nichols' "Believers" as a Phil Vassar-Craig Wiseman co-write when it was actually written by Ashley Gorley, Wade Kirby and Bill Luther.
    • On one show, he referred to Jason Michael Carroll as "John Michael Carroll" three times.
  • They Just Didn't Care: One episode played back an interview with Carrie Underwood in which she discussed her difficulty hitting a very high note in "All-American Girl"… followed by an abridged version of the song that left out the high note in question.
    • For some reason, he always edits out the second verse of "Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)" by Chris Young, leaving just one verse and the chorus three times, despite the full song being very un-objectionable and a reasonable 3:33. Some of his other cuts for time are rather blatantly obvious, too.