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"Underachiever -- and proud of it, man!"
—Early 90's motto for Bart Simpson
"You know the worst thing about niggas, the WORST thing about niggas? Niggas love to not know. Nothing makes a nigga happier than not knowing the answer to your question. 'Hey man, what's the capital of Zaire?' 'Shoot, I don't know that shit! I'm just keeping it real, just keeping it real.' Yeah, you're keeping it real, real dumb."
Chris Rock makes the most of his N-Word Privileges, from "Bring The Pain" (1996)

Victor Sullivan: Lead on, MacDuff.
Charlie Cutter: Lay on.
Victor Sullivan: What?
Charlie Cutter: It's "Lay on, MacDuff."
Nathan Drake: Who the h***'s MacDuff?
Charlie Cutter: Is there no bottom to your ignorance?

Bridges would not be safer if only people who knew the proper definition of a real number were allowed to design them.