Bounty Hamster

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"Meanwhile, on the other side of the universe..."

Bounty Hamster (2003-2004) is a British animated science fiction comedy series.

Teenaged girl Cassie and her father were separated when their space ship was attacked by space pirates; she made it to an escape pod, he didn't. Now, she's off to find him again, with the assistance of the biggest, meanest bounty hunter money can hire -- but the biggest, meanest bounty hunter her money can hire is a small, blue-grey, hamster-like critter called Marion, who has enough attitude for several regular-sized bounty hunters but not a lot to back it up with. He does, however, have two special advantages: he has all kinds of useful stuff stashed in his cheek pouches (now, if only he could find what he needed when he needed it...), and he goes into an Unstoppable Rage whenever someone calls him "cute".

Each episode is packed with Homages and Shout-Outs to earlier works of animation, science fiction, and comedy (the episode where Applied Phlebotinum creates seven Marions -- one happy, one bashful, one grumpy, and so on -- is classic).

Tropes used in Bounty Hamster include:

Cassie: If we ever do find my dad, don't you dare tell him that I did that!

    • She tries it again later without Marion's help, but it doesn't work.

Cassie: Why doesn't it work when you pull your own finger?