Bowser's Kingdom

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A discontinued/finished flash animation series on Newgrounds by araskin500 and pthouse about a Goomba named Jeff and a Koopa Troopa named Hal, and other characters working for Bowser.

Most of the humor comes from Lampshade Hanging conventions of the Mario world, running gags, swearing, and Hal's Butt Monkey status. The series, as well as a few other works, can be found here.

There is a series related to this one called Smash Kingdom. Some of the characters make an appearance there.

Tropes used in Bowser's Kingdom include:

Kamek: I knew you were gay!

Karate Duo: We are Karate Duo Number One. Soldiers of fortune. Mercenaries for hire. Karate guys for cash. We work hard for the money. So hard for the money... We work hard for the money, so you'd better treat us right...

Hal: Or did you just give yourself a fungicidal abortion?

Hal: If I can take down a large gorilla wearing a tie, then I can definately take down some German turtle.
Chomp Bro: I'm Austrian! HIYAAAH!