Brütal Legend/Nightmare Fuel

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  • The Spider Queen's lair.
  • Also, Hextadons. From behind, they look pretty much like normal mammoths with chrome tusks; nothing too disturbing. From the front though, it becomes clear that they lack trunks, and their faces seem to be frozen in wide-eyed Slasher Smiles. It's... unsettling.
  • Ratgut, enough said.
    • Is he a bunch of rats inside a shell or is he a person with rats wriggling inside him? It will be answered someday... but not today.
    • The entire Drowning Doom and Tainted Coil armies have the potential for this, really. It's kind of their schtick.
  • Guillotars are giant... things with what look like decayed cat-faces, guillotines for legs (with the blades still attached between them), and a bladed pendulum for a tail. They tend to appear in foggy areas, so they seem to come out of nowhere. Eep.
  • Play the Facemelter next to a Bride. You'll see.

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