Brain Bleach/Trope Co

Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

Brain Bleach is also highly flammable.

Let's face it: we've all see things we shouldn't have: That one bad movie you saw with your friends in an attempt to mock it a la Mystery Science Theater 3000, that crudely drawn picture on DeviantArt featuring two of your favorite cartoon heroes in tawdry sexual congress, a member of your own family having sex or having some pantsless "me time" in your room, an animal pooping on the pavement (especially green poop), your grandfather coming out of the bathtub or shower in all his wrinkled, aged, untoweled "glory..."

Don't you wish you could just make these damaging sights leave your brain?

Well look no further! New from Trope Co®, it's Brain Bleach!

Simply follow the instructions on the bottle* and you can wash away those dark stains on your psyche! That movie's Bad Bad Acting? Gone! That head-exploding picture you saw? Poof! What picture? Those awkward, disgusting memories of your family in private? It's like they were never there to start with! With Brain Bleach™, the mental hurt will finally go away.

Brain Bleach works by burning a hole in your esophagus, allowing you to vomit directly onto the Squick Center of your brain.

* Warning: Not for use on pregnant women, marijuana smokers, those with bleach allergies/aversions, and Nightmare Fuel Station Attendants and/or Nightmare Fuel Fetishists. Overdosing on Brain Bleach is highly dangerous. Dosage measurements must be exact in proportion to the amount of Squick you have seen. Effects of Brain Bleach overdose include short-term/long-term memory loss, permanent amnesia, loss of motor functions, becoming comatose, death, and a bitter, slightly metallic aftertaste. Consult your physician if you fear you have accidentally overdosed on Brain Bleach --if you can remember, that is. Not all traumatic memories go away with use of Brain Bleach. For permanent or persisting traumatic memories, consult a professional therapist or head of a mental health support group.

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