Brave: The Search For Spirit Dancer

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Brave is a young Native American boy, who spends his days playing and exploring with his friend Meadow Flower. One day after Brave saves both he and Meadow Flower from a bear, his mentor, Gray Bear, decides that it’s time Brave learnt how to be a warrior, and sends him off to find several cave paintings, and do certain tasks to start him off on that path. Whilst Brave is doing so, he learns about an evil spirit known as the Wendigo, and a powerful shaman known as Spirit Dancer, who disappeared many years ago. Upon Brave’s return to the village however, he finds the Wendigo attacking, during the course of which Hooded Crow, the tribe’s Shaman, is possessed by it, Meadow Flower is turned into a mindless body, and Gray bear is killed – not before telling Brave to flee and find Spirit Dancer – the only one who could defeat the Wendigo…

Thus starts the plot of Brave: The Search For Spirit Dancer, a somewhat obscure Platform Game released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 by VIS Entertainment.

Tropes used in Brave: The Search For Spirit Dancer include: