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  • And the Fandom Rejoiced: Some gamers thought that Square Enix had forgotten, outright ignored, or wants to delete their humble origins, what with the likes of Final Fantasy XV and similar games being pump out. So, some gamers are rejoicing when Bravely Default showed up, it hearken to an old probably forgotten time and being made cool enough for a fresh new audience.
  • That One Boss: On a first playthrough and before the loops begin, Chaugmar the Mark of Doom tends to be called the toughest of the four Crystal guardians. He's surrounded by a shield for the first few turns that reduces all damage he takes to 1, but he can still attack while protected -- and he hits hard for that point in the game. Particularly with Blood Suck, an attack that bypasses Default, hits for around 900 or even 1000 at a point where you're likely to only have around 2000, and heals him to boot. Once he finally drops the shield, he'll unleash Energy Burst, which does massive damage to the entire party -- handily punishing players who charge in to exploit his newfound vulnerability and even if you're expecting it, you'll have to do some damage control during the precious turns before he puts it up again, getting free turns to heal off the damage you inflicted and hurt you at the same time. He's a surprising spike in difficulty compared to Orthrus and Rusalka before him, and Gigas Lich -- the final guardian -- comes across as a joke by comparison.

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