Brawl in the Family/Heartwarming

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    A cute Affectionate Parody starring Nintendo characters like Brawl in the Family surely amassed more than a few Heartwarming Moments.


    Matthew: On that note, Kirby’s fear of Meta Knight hasn’t been touched on in awhile, but I also like to think that him being responsible for the banning is also because he’s looking out for his pal, Dedede.

    • "Guys, wake up!I think Santa Claus gave me his coat last night!"
    • In a meta example, the amount of "get well soon" messages Matthew's gotten since revealing his condition shows just how much the fans care about him.
    • The 400th comic is a song that goes over Nintendo, all the way from the beginning (before they even did games), and mentioned all sorts of more obscure games in addition to the more known ones.

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