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  • "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith - Janie is sexually abused by her father multiple times. She's told people, but nobody has listened or helped her (the music video takes this farther, by showing that her mother is well aware of what her husband is doing, but is choosing not to act). She finally just snaps and puts a bullet in his head, later showing no remorse or guilt.
  • "Happiest Girl" by Depeche Mode (from the World in My Eyes EP): And I would have to pinch her / Just to see that she was real / Just to watch the smile fade away / See the pain she'd feel
  • "Breaking the Girl" by Red Hot Chili Peppers (from Blood Sugar Sex Magik): Twisting and turning / Her feelings are burning / You're breaking the girl...
  • "Good Old Girl" by Marian Call (from Got to Fly): She's lived too long and seen too much / All over scabs and scars and such / But she's a pretty girl / Kinda pretty girl / If you cock your head and squint / If you recognise the prints of space and time...
  • "Pretty When You Cry" by VAST: pretty much the whole song
  • "And She Sang" by The Puppini Sisters tells of an innocent young woman who believed in fairy tales and the new man in her life. He basically had some fun with her, and then he left without a trace. That's when the music suddenly changes from witty and magical to a loud instrumental breakdown. Then as the music calms down again, it feels a little sadder, signifying that the woman was merely a shadow of her former self.
  • "Façade" by Disturbed is basically about a girl hiding abuse and slowly coming to the point where killing her abuser is sounding like a pretty good idea. Further, "Inside the Fire" is about a boyfriend (the singer and songwriter, incidentally) coming home to find his girlfriend had committed suicide, and being told by an immortal being that he can do the same and join her.
  • "Another Rainy Day" by The Crystalline Effect: How much hurt can she tolerate?/How many times can she hit the floor?/How many times can she lie to herself/and keep coming back for more?/She remembers an innocence/of a purer time/she remembers how it was before she learnt to cry
  • "Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner" by The Dresden Dolls, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: An idealistic teenage girl who just wants to be a musician is seduced, drugged, and raped by her piano teacher. And since he roofied her she isn't even sure it was him who raped her, and she ends up having to be his page turner for YEARS.
  • "Alison Hell" By Annihilator tells about a girl who hallucinates monsters. She tries to tell people about it, but noone believes her. Her fear eventually developes in Schizophrenia and she becomes a hollow shell of her former self.