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Possibly one reason Bridezillas rise from the nuptial ocean is that Western culture (and the wedding industry) encourage huge, gorgeous, flawless weddings, and the expectation is that this will mostly be organized by the bride (traditionally, the groom's only job is to arrive on time and sober). Given that organizing a wedding is actually a complicated and expensive process akin to stage managing a theatrical production in which most of the cast are ad-libbing, most of the crew only show up on opening night, you don't get any do-overs, and the stage manager has to stay on stage and act like she's having a good time... it's no wonder a lot of brides snap.

  • In addition, but not only does the bride have to make sure everything goes smoothly, she also has to deal with the demands of any overbearing relatives. While many people today may be more relaxed about weddings, some families/cultures hold traditions in very high regard and they must be followed otherwise complete family warfare will break out. So to continue the metaphor, the bride is a stage manager of a theatrical production where half the actors are bearing down on her with every emotionally manipulative weapon possible so her wedding meets their standards.