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  • Chen verbally bitchslapping the fanatics who were willing to turn off the nuclear reactor on the Ark, especially if you failed the mission. "I SAID THREATEN TO DO IT, NOT ACTUALLY DO IT! WHO ORDERED THIS?! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!"
  • I had two Crowning Moment of Awesome today, both involving strategically placed HMG emplacements. One, I built one over the ramp that the security has to walk the informant up, and the rest of my resisty buddies machinegunned and otherwise outgunned the Security forces by building a little garrison at the top of the stairs and mowing down any security members. Number 2, I OWN the Founder's Tower. This is not an exaggeration, it is a blunt statement of fact. There is an MG nest that can be built to overlook the stairs leading to the objective, and can crush any enemies in the courtyard into a Pink Mist. I took out the Security guy there, and quickly realized the tactical value of such a spot. Evidently, the other resisty members did too, and before I knew it, there was always at least one other guy with me, taking shots with his rifle where the MG couldn't. Also, just to be sure, I put a mine on the staircase immediately before the turret so nobody would take me out. I could have been more thorough, but it worked all the same. Also, we won both matches as the Resistance, and I got the highest Bodycount on the second CMOA.
  • Finishing Security Day 3, because it is so difficult otherwise.
    • On a similar note, finishing Resistance Day 2. You will be yelling at Nechayev to hurry the hell up. Why you don't just have a heavy toss the wounded pilot onto his shoulders is beyond me.
  • Using a grenade launcher on a tight grouping of 3 to 4 enemies, then shooting them while they're down. All by yourself.
    • For all of you who havn't played the game yet, this absolutely drips of awesome because, most of the time, if you're outnumbered, you're dead. This is not Halo, and you are very squishy, even if you have the maximum variables to keep yourself alive (Kevlar, Heavy body type, Maxed out health upgrades). Taking out a whole squad is cause for celebration.
  • Getting the jump on and killing several enemies due to an epic parkour route you just strung together.
  • Disguising yourself as an enemy and sneaking into a nest of enemy sentries to hack them and turn them on their former masters.
    • Or disguising yourself and stabbing an enemy sniper to death.
      • Or getting the Backburner and finding a stray- wait wrong game.
  • Getting downed and then using the perk the lets you shoot when downed to take the one who downed you out.