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Fridge Horror

  • Lucky by Britney Spears was released in 2001, just years before Britney became a tabloid target due to a lot of her strange behaviors. Listening to this song after about ten years and knowing what's been going on with her in the last few years makes the lyrics pretty Fridge Horror material.
  • You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped, can't make someone do something they don't wanna do she herself showed this in her rebellion for over 3 years... but yet somehow people forced her to become a robot artist who has no say in anything and everything she does, despite the fact people have continuously vouched for her involvement in her career (Even after her break down) and obviously if you help someone who doesn't wanna be helped they'll rebel more (See Lindsay Lohan and many people who have refused to be helped in the public eye and your own private life)..she hasn't rebelled? AT ALL! In conlusion: These Vocal Loyalists have very fridgey logic...even her dancers tell us how she edits her choreography the whole time to suit her own comfort in her skin, said he made the bass bigger for her and the rest of her producers said such things as always.