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The voice of Iron Maiden doesn't need his respective band to be creepy, after all. Sometimes when he shouts "Scream for me", he really means it.

  • Laughing in the Hiding Bush is very unsettling, especially the chorus. The fact that it was written by his son, who was a kid at a time, somehow just makes things creepier.
  • Accident of Birth is pretty terrifying too. In addition to the industrial sounding percussion and the dark, thundering melodies, the song is about a family from hell. The song also gets scarier when you realize Bruce was a birth that was never meant to be, thus the title.
  • Pretty much the entire Chemical Wedding album, but Killing Floor comes to mind.
  • Believil. Just... Believil. A slow, eerie piece of doom metal with odd chanting and evil low pitched maniacal laughter.
    • Then there's the title track from that album, A Tyranny of Souls, which is a retelling of Macbeth but with a horrifying alternate ending.

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