Bubblegum Crisis/Ho Yay

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  • In the original OVA, there were mountains of it. This series was tied with Dirty Pair back in the day for being infamous for all the implied lesbianism.
    • Most obviously, Priss and Sylvie. Sylvie and Anri were also clearly close.
    • Viewers also saw subtext between Priss and Sylia.
    • And there's still more; fans in The Nineties parodied it with an Epileptic Tree that the Sabers were all "kangaroos".
    • Meanwhile, on the "Ho Yay" side of the fence, there's Leon and his partner Daley. Leon's willingness to play along with his partner's obvious flirting left plenty of room to speculate whether they were just Platonic Life Partners, friends-with-benefits, or in an open relationship (considering Leon's flirting with Priss). The only clear thing is that the Ho Yay here is one of the most memorable things about the original series.
  • BGC spinoff/prequel OAV AD Police: Protect And Serve had some serious Ho Yay between the main (male) characters Kenji and Hans, despite both having canon love-interests. Of course, one's girlfriend is pretty much only around for exposition (and so her boyfriend can talk about his partner to her) and the other is... not what she seems. Kenji is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who works alone; Hans is a Casanova who's suffering a Loss of Identity due to not being real; together, they confide in each other, hold hands, talk about where the other was last night, and fight crime. It starts out like the het version of Slap Slap Kiss, and then they become Heterosexual Life Partners and well, it's a buddy-cop movie gone anime, what else should you expect?