Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Nightmare Fuel

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  • "Shock and Awe", "No Russian" and the Washington DC missions.
  • After all the Tranquil Fury and general badassery by Price, in both games, General Shepherd hands him his ass in a fist fight. Seeing someone like that receive a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown is SCARY.
    • Hands him his ass in a fist fight after crawling out of a helicopter's flaming wreckage you just shot down!
    • Watching you (as Roach) and Ghost burn. The only consolation? Ghost dies instantly from his gunshot wound. Unfortunately, Roach didn't.
    • In the first of the DC missions, you begin in a tiny, bombed-out bunker with no normal mission start text to tell you where you are. As your squad walks out of the bunker, you see helicopters and soldiers everywhere, with the Capitol across the trenches from you. It's when you see the damaged Washington Monument that the opening text pops up: "Of Their Own Accord: Washington, D.C."
    • The mission "Wolverines!" qualifies big time. At first you may chuckle at the Red Dawn reference, but then you're instantly hit by the sight of a Virginia suburb that has become a war zone, with ruined houses, civilian cars and Captain Ersatz versions of familiar restaurants. It hits very close to home, especially if you happen to live in a suburb.
    • The overarching theme of nuclear proliferation and the threat of the world simply ENDING at the whim of a few fanatics who have seized power...

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