Candle Jack/Haiku

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Freakazoid! villain
Say "Candle Jack," and watch out!
He'll make you disapp


Describe Candle Jack
In seventeen syllables?
That's very diffic

—Johnny E

Everyone knows him,
Yet no one wants to say him.
The name: "Candle Jack".

—Crazy Lu

We know what happens,
But we still say Candle Jack.
We're a bunch of id


Oh, what Idiots.
Candle Jack has stopped them from
Finishing their hai

—Sal Fish Fin

The way to beat him:
Say his name at the finish.
Like this: Candle Jack


No one should ever
Say Candle Jack's name, but
Oh darn, I said i


You're doing it wrong
Say Candle Jack and then you
Can't fini


[[Genre Savvy Don't say this guy's name,
Or, like everyone above,
You will get kidnapped.]]

—The Hero Hartmut

{{haiku| Good old Candle J, he is always so polite. He clicks "save" for you. |Lord Nadir [[Genre Savvy|who is also very savvy.}}

I wrote a haiku
But it mentioned his name, so
I couldn't click "save."


Ha! I said his name,
And yet I'm still typing this!
He'll never catch m

—So We Ate Them

Warn them of him, but
Never say his name, or else
Candle Jack will ge


If his last name jumped
Over his first name. Then we'd
Have a nursery rhyme

I've looked to the left.
And to the right. He's not here.
So! Candle Jack! Hah!


Above troper! Watch
out, Candle Jack is behind
you, oh no that's hi


They've all been kidnapped!
Fancy saying "Candle Jack"!
But I'm much too clev

—Captain Pedant

Candle Jack? Yeah right.
Just build a freaking sentry.
That takes care of that.

He is everywhere.
In your house and in your dreams.
And with enough rope.


It is challenging
Working in a hardware store
Where is all the rope?


Where are all the cops?
I can only assume he
Got all of them, too.