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Marvel vs. Capcom series

Phoenix: "I can't control it!"

The opposing character: "Damn."

    • Also Dark Phoenix related:


Phoenix: (gets tagged in) "Face me!"
Hulk: "SMASH YOU! GAMMA CRUSH!" (Phoenix gets KOed)

    • Phoenix's unprecedentedly low health has also been the target of many jokes, thanks to the aforementioned fiasco with Hulk, to the point that anything can allegedly KO her. Here's a notable one:

Iron Man: "So, you doing anything after this?"
Phoenix: "Scott..." (is K.O.ed)
Iron Man: ... -_-

  • Courtesy of Super-Skrull:

"There's too much trash in the universe!" (picks up a tin can)

Capcom vs. SNK series

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Street Fighter X Tekken

  1. Cyclops. He calls his attacks, shoots laser beams of concussive death at you. Specifically, this is his hyper. 'Nuff said, true believers!
  2. EMP Yipes, a Fountain of Memes within the MvC2 community known for his humorously incomprehensible and highly vulgar non sequiturs. MAHVEL (BAYBEE) has gone on to become a Fan Nickname for the series. Shout out those words at a convention, and someone will reply back in the same way.
  3. Magneto. One of the Four Gods in MvC2.
  4. "Pringles" either refers to when someone performs a long blockstring, resulting in a lot of chip damage, or when a character gets launched into the air by Magneto because "once you pop (get launched) you can't stop (being comboed)".
  5. There were many modded versions of MvC2 that allows for some funky alternate colors for characters. One of these was a mango pallet for Sentinel (the second of the Four Gods).
  6. A Call Back to earlier in the video, where DAT MANGO SENTINEL makes Yipes think of the New York Knicks. Yipes is seen beating that same Sent with Magneto at the end of the video.
  7. Throws are known as scoops. Haagen-Dazs is a brand of ice cream.
  8. Storm, another one of the Four Gods, using her Ice Storm hyper.
  9. Yipes is getting kicked/big booted by Sentinel. Sicily is located right in front of the boot-shaped Italy. The comparison isn't lost on Yipes.
  10. When Sentinel is in flight mode and spamming kicks, he looks like he's dancing.
  11. This one is somewhat self-explanatory. A combo that takes off 90% of your health once you're caught in it. Combos like these (or worse) are par the course in upper-level (Tournament Play) play.
  12. A long Sentinel combo that results in the KO of Storm.
  13. Storm tries to combo Yipes' Captain Commando assist to death; Yipes' didn't let her.
  14. Iron Man spamming his Unibeam.
  15. Iron Man's win quote.
  16. Justin Wong, during a EVO 2007 MvC2 match, where he's reduced to only Cyclops, up against Magneto, Storm, and Psylocke. He wins. The Announcer Chatter's reaction is appropriate.
  17. The video starts out with Justin's Sentinel being destroyed in a 132-hit Delayed Hyper Cancellation, leaving J. Wong with only Cyclops.
  18. The match begins to turn in Justin's favor, with Cyclops effortlessly defeating Magneto and Storm.
  19. More or less the same as the above.
  20. As seen here, this actually stems from a phrase shouted during Daigo "The Beast" Umehara's quintessential CMOA during his Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike match against Justin Wong during EVO 2004. You can see the fabled "full parry" here.
  21. A MvC2 match featuring some very excited commentary, including a Gratuitous Japanese version of "Snapback" (the technique that allows you to knock away one character and force another teammate to take their place).
  22. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter features a Final Boss who literally pops out of nowhere and then proceeds to murder you.
  23. M.O.D.O.K. is seen as a Troll by most of the MvC3 community. The above is a play on his name: Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing.
  24. A variant of the Street Fighter meme "Guile theme goes with everything".
  25. One of his opening lines.
  26. From his victory line to Rocket Raccoon: "I've defeated a raccoon! SCIENCE!" The randomness of that line is what makes the fad.
  27. When these two were revealed, fans started cracking jokes about their tier status because they were... well, gods (the Japanese goddess of the Sun and the Norse god of thunder, respectively).
  28. Thor invoking the name of his father during his Mighty Tornado hyper; this quote of his has a Mondegreen (BUY ODIN'S BEER!).
  29. When Magneto was revealed for MvC3, an old Magneto meme resurfaced...
  30. A common response on forums as to why characters are being disconfirmed, based off of the reason that The Human Torch had to be taken out of the game; he... well, ate up too much RAM.
  31. The (half-assed) reasoning behind the disconfirmations of Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, and Black Panther from an interview with Seth Killian. Note that the former two will be joining the roster in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  32. Another "reason" behind GR not being in MvC3; allegedly, they couldn't implement him into the game without him being on his motorcycle at all times. Appropriately, most fans called BS. As said above, this seems to have been rectified with Ghosty's appearance in Ultimate.
  33. In Mission Mode, your character's super bar immediately begins to fill up to maximum, but it charges faster than the announcer can say "Level 2!", "Level 3!", etc., resulting in the aforementioned quote.
  34. Helped by Sent's trailer, which showed him alongside Storm and Magneto, referencing the ten years of the competitive scene and their kingdom as three of the "Four Gods." Came to be spoken mostly in irony after Ultimate was both announced and released in the very same year.
  35. Let's just say that it's easy to spam with Dark Phoenix and leave it at that.
  36. One of the announcers screaming OTG (as in Off The Ground) right as Combofiend's Spencer is about to pull off his final Bionic Lancer hyper and win the match. Has a memetic Mondegreen, the aptly-fitting EXCUSE ME!
  37. One of Spencer's victory quotes, reworded to include to the above Bionic Lancer hyper.
  38. A dope beat using most of Spencer's quotes from the game. The above quote is a rewording of his intro quote when up against Iron Man ("How much of that suit is bionic?"). Sometimes, the quote just takes the form of "How much of this X is bionic?", which usually goes hand-in-hand with the Combofiend match.
  39. Wolvie's theme in MvC3 sounds very similar to the theme song from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  40. Dormammu's quote before launching his Chaotic Flame hyper.
  41. Dormammu has a special known as Liberation whose properties change depending on his Power of the Creator and Power of the Destructor specials and how many times he used them (any combination of the two, can be used a maximum of three times before Liberation is automatically activated). Both of these moves chain quickly, meaning they can be canceled out by themselves or each other, leading to the above. Now available in Stupid Statement Dance Mix form.
  42. One of Nemesis' hyper combos, which consists of him doing multiple punches while slowly advancing forward. He can't be shaken off by anything during this.
  43. What is shown on the screen should you lose the fight against Galactus in MvC3.
  44. One user's horrendously funny Mondegreen for Ryu's Hadouken in a thread. The community pretty much ran away with it, the topic went on to become a 500 post-long topic charting an inordinate amount of Mondegreens in fighters. Also produced Shampoo Aruket (i.e. Shinkuu Hadouken).
  45. Based off of the aforementioned memes and one of Hawkeye's intro quotes ("Avengers, Defenders, Thunderbolts, I make any team better!").
  46. The blank represents any character that is labeled as SLAIN in the Days of Future Past stage in Ultimate.
  47. Chris Hu tries to explain the infamous DHC glitch, but his English kind of muddles things. If you can read between the lines, his description is fairly accurate, though.
  48. Response to the above, as per the comment delivered as a retort to Chris's "explanation."
  49. Frank West's camera flash attack, which can hit anywhere, even grounded opponents, and easy to spam. He yells out "SMILE!" every time he does that.
  50. Ryu's Ren Hadouken move in Ultimate, basically a spammable, short-ranged version of his normal Hadouken. It makes said peculiar sound whenever said move is spammed.
  51. What Wesker says during his Phantom Dance hyper. The full line is "Mortals are so weak! You are nothing to me!", but the first part gets cut off before he can finish it.
  52. Since the 'weak' part are usually cut off unless the match lagged a little, since Wesker said it in quite a quick speed, it can be interpreted like that and still make sense, especially if you consider Wesker's disdain on normal mortals and his desire to get out from being one and become immortal.
  53. Due to the Phantom Dance's simularities to Spider-Man's Maximum Spider Hyper Combo.
  54. Phoenix Wright's Badass Boast when he performs his Level 3 Hyper Combo.
  55. Vergil, Dante's elder twin from Devil May Cry (specifically based off of his appearance from 3), has a good deal of noteworthy one-liners. Then again, if you ever played DMC3, then you already know his lines by heart (as they're word-for-word reproductions of his lines there).
  56. An intentional Mondegreen of "Might controls everything." (an iconic line of Vergil's from DMC3 after your first battle with him).
  57. Nova, a Cosmic character from the Marvel side and Marvel's answer to Green Lantern, has a very catchy theme. He also has a tendency to out-ham just about everyone in battle because he has No Indoor Voice. Like, all the time.
  58. Yipes duly notes that Nova deals high damage.
  59. In Maximilian's videos for MvC3, the storylines involve Doom being his lancer. Basically, one of his catch phrases involves yelling "THE FINGER LASERS" when using his Photon Shot special or his Photon Array hyper.
  60. Morrigan + fly/unfly + Soul Fist (+ Astral Vision + X-Factor) = lots and lots of projectiles.
  61. In a very Wombo Combo-esque fashion, Howtoread manages to work a tag-in into his combo four times in a row without missing a beat, much to the consternation of the commentators.
  62. Ever since Alukard popped into the tournament scene and began beasting with Super Skrull, the crowds were cheering this whenever the super was used. Now, in any tournament, if there's a Skrull player using Inferno, you'll probably find at least a small crowd of people screaming this.
  63. Usually announced after a super, custom combo, or long string of damaging attacks.
  64. Announced after the player either counters a super with a special, counters a special with a Level 3 super, counters a super with another super, or uses a Level 3 to K.O. a taunting opponent.
  65. Mondegreen of the song from the London stage in Capcom vs. SNK 2. The actual lyrics are "This is true love we're making." Alternatively Mondegreen'd as "This is tuna we're bakin'."
  66. "I'll stain my hands, with your blood."
  67. "You cannot escape from death."
  68. "You're not worth my disgust."
  69. Frank's shout when a zombie comes barreling down at him in a shopping cart during one of his specials.
  70. A meme from Dead Rising.
  71. His throw hyper has Frank title drop his game.
  72. His Level 3 starts with him placing a Servbot helmet on their heads and then laughing at their misfortune.
  73. Another hyper ends with him sending them flying with a swing of his baseball bat.
  74. The beam hyper which puts Frank into his Mega Man X-inspired armor has Frank yell this.
  75. Tekkaman doesn't say much, but he does do some awesome Kiais.
  76. Thanks to Tekkaman Blade, Toshiyuki Morikawa has become (in)famous for his screaming. While shouting the words for Blade's trademark Voltekka when recording for the series, he broke his microphone. Twice.
  77. A So Bad It's Good rap for the training stage (unfortunately, it's only in the JPN version), featuring a punny hook based on the Shoryuken.
  78. Another line from the rap. The above link also features images to go along with the lyrics. Guess what one of those stills depicts.
  79. Barring few exceptions, most of Tatsunoko Production's work is obscure in the U.S. In fact, some members of the MvC community did not pick up TvC because there weren't any Marvel characters in the game. The facepalm is usually done in response to this.
  80. During the footage of the game shown at Comic Con, Ryu called Chun-Li as support. In response, one random Tekken fan yelled this out (it turns out that--at the time of that debut--Nina was Kazuya's partner; Heihachi was later confirmed as playable, but with Kuma as his partner).
  81. A Mondegreen from the E3 2011 trailer, mistaking the lyrics "Gotta go! Gotta go!" of Street Drum Corps' "Knock Me Down" for "Daigo! Daigo!" (as in Daigo "THE BEAST" Umehara, the man responsible for EVO Moment #37).