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  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Even more than the previous reboot, with Marisa Tomei playing Aunt May
  • Base Breaker: With a title like Civil War, this is to be expected
    • The movie's storyline being like the comic in outline only. Some fans rejoiced over it while some others were pissed, and the rest were indifferent
    • Pretty much every point of the climax battle has caused contention across fanbases.
  • Memetic Mutation: Aunt May keeps Benjamin Buttoning throughout Spider Man reboots.
  • What an Idiot!: The entire final battle
    • Tony trying repeatedly to fire his right arm munitions to kill Bucky when Bucky already used his metal arm to counter it. When Savin had him in the same position, he got a hole in the chest via unibeam.
    • Tony has shaken off Cap for some time and now has a clear shot on Bucky climbing out of the facility. Instead of shooting out the supports of doorway with a rocket, he could have shot Bucky instead, like he tried to before.
      • That is also a WAI moment for Cap as well, since Tony had to remove his helmet to aim, and had Cap connected a punch then the fight would have ended there.
    • After shooting out the supports of the doorway, Tony fights Bucky solo and gets him in a sleeperhold. Then instead of choking him out or shooting him dead the nand there while there are atleast a distance of two storeys between them and Cap, Tony lightly carries Bucky downwards right in front of Cap. No points for guessing what happened then.
      • Also a WAI moment for Bucky, who did not put up any struggle then unlike the rest of the fight. Is Bucky a Death Seeker?
    • Then later, when the two are pulling of the combo-beatdown on him seen in the trailer, Tony keeps firing upwards at their faces which they keep blocking with the shield till he eventually gets a shot in. This is jarring when he specifically told Peter earlier in the movie to target Cap's legs to get around his defense, and when Rhodey had him in the same position in Iron Man 2 he did go for the legs.
    • Then later when Bucky has him pinned against the wall and is crushing the arc reactor, and Tony is unable to budge the metal arm with his own. The idiot part comes in that Tony uses his other arm to try to push Bucky's other arm off his face, when he could have used that arm as well to to try and pry Bucky's arm off, instead of pushing only one arm against Bucky's arm. Also, he could have tried to use a repulsor blast to free himself, like he tried to do before or like he did to Thor, which he had no problem to since both Bucky's arm's were occupied and one of his was free and the only things keeping them occupied were trying to push away Bucky's arm.
    • Then after he blows Bucky's arm off with the unibeam, he just knocks him out with the repulsor, when he had a clear shot to use the lasers, missiles or a continuous repulsor blast like he tried earlier.
    • Then later when Cap is wailing on him, Tony doesn't even raise his arm to defend himself, instead relying on F.R.I.D.A.Y. , his AI. What makes this egregious is that Cap was simply throwing left and right hooks, and Tony, who already had some martial arts training, had to only raise his arms to block his hits.
    • Then after F.R.I.D.A.Y. has analysed Cap's fighting pattern, Tony lands three repulsor blasts and several jet propelled blows on Cap. The WAI comes that Tony already knocked out Cap (and Bucky as well) with a single repulsor blast previously. Why is Tony unable to replicate the same force despite many attacks connecting?