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    It should be obvious from reading more than a handful of pages here that tropes are not always the result of conscious choices made by creators in the process of producing their works. Many tropes form because of unconscious (or collective unconscious) choices made during the creation of a story -- they reflect something in the creator's environment or upbringing that resonates strongly enough with his audience that they recognize it as a thing in and of itself.

    And then there are the tropes that form in spite of the creator's intentions. These are the Accidental Tropes.

    There are three varieties of Accidental Trope:

    • There are tropes that come about because of common circumstances across multiple productions, not because of deliberate choices by writers or directors -- like Special Effects Failure and Off-Model.
    • Then there are the tropes that exist in defiance of what the creator meant, because somewhere along the line what he intended and what the audience thought they got diverged. This includes things like Unintentionally Sympathetic and Misaimed Fandom.
    • Finally there are tropes which form from the creators' collective ignorance or inexperience of a topic, such as Anatomically-Impossible Sex.