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    "Card games are serious business!"

    A collectible card game, or CCG, is a card game where, instead of using a standard set of cards, each player brings his own deck to the game. The "collectible" aspect comes from the fact that the cards are sold in randomized packs, and players must buy these packs in order to create their decks. Most CCGs come in starter sets (one or two decks which are playable, but not very powerful, and may ignore some of the more complex rules) and booster packs (random cards which cannot be used alone, but can supplement existing decks).

    The are also called Trading Card Games, or Customizable Card Games.

    The first popular CCG was Magic: The Gathering, and it is still a major player in the genre. Currently, Yu-Gi-Oh! is the most sold card game in the world, with 22.9 billion cards.

    For the Video Game equivalent of this, see Card Battle Game.

    A subtrope of Collectible Cloney Babies.

    Tropes common to collectible card games include:

    Some games use CCGs as one part of the experience which are not part of the original, including:

    Another more recent category is games which use personal decks just like CCGs, but do away with the "collectible" part. Games like Dominion (where building your deck is the game) and Summoner Wars (personal decks, but each faction has fixed starter and expansion decks) show that CCGs and the underlying concepts are still evolving.

    A number of other media (especially the geeky sort) have licensed CCGs which are otherwise unrelated. See Trading Card Lame for a comprehensive list.