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A trope page -- possibly an old and well-established one dating back to the Elder Days of The Other Tropes Wiki, possibly a brand-new one that was created without a page template -- certainly has a lot of examples, but they're in no particular order and are lacking media categories.[1] This makes it hard to read, and hard to check to see if the example you want to add is already there or not.

Someone needs to take the time to reorganize the examples on this page and put them in categories, and possibly higher-level divisions like "Played Straight" and "Subversions", depending on the trope. Alphabetizing examples within the categories is probably a bit too much, though.

Applies only to works lists on trope and creator pages -- works and creators have trope lists that are (or should be, at least) in alphabetical order (discounting leading articles) by trope name.

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  1. Or, if they're all from one medium (which is possible for Music tropes or Video Game tropes), they're lacking subcategories.

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