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    Diamonds (and embarrassing posts on social media) may be forever -- but not so works on the Web.

    This category is for electronic works that existed at one time, for long enough that they found a fan willing to write up a page here (or on TV Tropes before us), but in the time since have vanished without a trace, not even in the Wayback Machine. We add them to this category -- usually as a side effect of putting the {{MIA}} banner on them -- in the hopes that someone perusing the list below will recognize something they have stored on a hard drive, memory stick or floppy disk somewhere and put them back up somewhere on the web[1]. (And, presumably, take the MIA banner off their pages and link them to the new location.)

    This page is only for electronic works like Web Comics and other ephemeral art forms like pre-Net Fanfic (which was usually distributed via low-circulation mimeographed 'zines). It is not for things like lost epics written by Ancient Greeks -- there has to be a decent chance someone reading the wiki might actually have a copy stashed away somewhere.

    It is also not for entire websites that have vanished -- unless the website itself was a single unified work.

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    1. The Source subpage of the work page here on ATT would be an ideal location for many such works, we would like to note.

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