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OEL Manga, short for Original English Language Manga, are graphic novels and comic books that utilize Manga techniques (or try to, anyway) and were originally written in English, instead of Japanese. Since these are generally targeted at North American, Australian and British readers, they are typically read left-to-right like other Western works. (But not always)

Note that many purists do not consider Original English Language manga to be "real" manga (as the latter is sometimes considered an exclusively Japanese creation), for the same reasons that those purists consider "Animesque" works to be Western Animation rather than Anime. As usual, purists are all about the semantics - but without semantics, language stops working. And, of course, this is Older Than They Think - Japonisme predated anime and manga by a century.

Many manga-esque Web Comics are also originally written in English, and thereby qualify for this index.