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A page doesn't have an image but should, it has an image that's too large, or the page has a hotlinked image. You could fix it yourself, but you're not familiar enough with the trope or show to find a fitting image, or you don't have the time to do it, or you just think someone else can do better.

So put {{Needs Image}} near the top of the page and hope Wiki Magic corrects the problem.

Tips on Finding (or Making) Images

Here are some suggestions for image sources:

Make sure that any picture uploaded will illustrate the trope even to someone who is not familiar with the fandom; otherwise, the picture will be Just a Face and a Caption.

If you've found and uploaded an image, put the image in a frame or a thumbnail when you add it to the page. That avoids a lot of white space. Instructions for how to upload and insert images can be found at Images in Wiki Pages and Uploading and Adding an Image to a Page.

DeviantART types: See List of Pages Artists Can Illustrate for a detailed take on how to submit your own art for trope illustration. (The list there is just a pointer back to this page.)

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