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A page doesn't have an image but should, it has an image that's too large, or the page has a hotlinked image. You could fix it yourself, but you're not familiar enough with the trope or show to find a fitting image, or you don't have the time to do it, or you just think someone else can do better.

So put {{Needs Image}} on the page and hope Wiki Magic corrects the problem.

Also, use a right aligned image if there is too little description text. That avoids a lot of white space. Instructions for how to upload and insert images can be found at Images in Wiki Pages. A good resource for finding images is the Google image search. Also, make sure that any picture uploaded will illustrate the trope even to someone who is not familiar with the fandom as otherwise the picture will be Just a Face And A Caption.

DeviantART types: See List of Pages Artists Can Illustrate for a detailed take on how to submit your own art for trope illustration. (The list there is just a pointer back to this page.)


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